Thermal Power Company Develops Pollution Detector

Thermo Electron has developed a pollution detection system that has low operating costs, high detection capability and high sensitivity, has reached the level of an X-ray inspection system, and has the simplicity of metal detection equipment. The device, named Goring Kerr Ezx, has a variety of ape ......Reading more

Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that can replace wooden…

The main products of the Triton Group - 1300G 7th Floor and 850G 5th Floor Heavy Duty Corrugated Paperboard, comply with the U.S. federal standard PPP-B-640d, the railway standard Rule41, the truck standard Rule222 and the relevant government standards of 42 countries in the world. The use of this ......Reading more

Postpress processing of adhesive products

In order to protect the quality of self-adhesive labels and the quality of labels, many surface coatings have been selected for lamination, glossing, and bronzing. First, sticker UV coating The glazing process is mainly applied to the surface coating of mirror coated paper and coated paper label ......Reading more

How to control the image quality to meet the printing r…

Offset printing is the decomposition of continuous images into discontinuous dots. The ink is transferred through the dots of different sizes and the images are copied. In this process, the requirement for image quality is the key. The content of evaluating image quality generally includes: image ......Reading more

The important relationship between printing pressure an…

The quality of the product is good or bad, and there are many links involved. From the big aspects, there are two links before and after printing. Under the premise of fully grasping the quality of the prepress (entry, proofreading, typesetting, publishing, printing, etc.), the proper adjustment o ......Reading more

Open sesame carton process introduction

Shaped corrugated cartons are the most varied types of packaging in today's corrugated box packaging; goods in supermarkets are placed directly on shelves, with good product display capabilities, and how to quickly and easily open carton packs so that goods can be quickly picked up , And do not ......Reading more

Everlasting MK1060ST - New Concept, New Breakthrough, N…

The MK1060ST automatic die-cutting and hot stamping machine is yet another masterpiece after the company successfully launched the MK920 hot stamping machine. The machine has absorbed the company's years of production design experience and the excellent features of the MK920 machine and has ma ......Reading more