Double cruet, making life easier

I believe that everyone has the same kind of trouble as me. Condiments and condensed milk in plastic bottles are inconvenient to pour out all in a small amount. If the spoon does not go in, it will not be long enough to reach in; the chopsticks are long enough, but they can't get things out by ......Reading more

Rapid development of the market for plastic food bottle…

In recent years, PET/HDPE plastic bottles have been increasingly applied to the liquid food packaging field. Plastic bottles have the characteristics of large capacity, sturdiness, lightness, portability, refrigeration, and recyclability, which have expanded their application in the liquid food pa ......Reading more

Market demand positioning and development trend of prin…

In recent years, the water-based printing and grooving machine market has been rapidly developed in the printing market due to the widespread use of water-based printing grooving machines for carton manufacturers. The demand for equipment for large, medium and small carton manufacturers is printed ......Reading more

Toy Book: Barbie fans are indispensable

[Chinese and foreign toys and gift nets] Since the birth of Barbie in 1957, the world's top designers have been designing different styles for her. In each popular century, Barbie is never absent. The most important brand of this Mattel, in addition to bringing the dreams of tens of millions of ......Reading more

[Greenfield equipment camp January 2010 period] KEEN Be…

Assessor: Le Shui Beibei In 2009, he registered several times for the testing activities of the Greenfield Equipment Camp. They all had no chance. One chance passed me and I was very sorry. In the first period of 2010, I continued to actively participate in the registration. I was very happy that ......Reading more

Candy Packaging Quality Testing Control Program

Summary: Candy is deeply loved by consumers and has maintained a rapid development momentum. There are many types of candy, but the main ingredients are sugar, sugar and milk powder, butter, and some also add flavor, edible glue or starch. Confectionery packaging is of great significance for the ......Reading more

Bottle bottle label a simple and complex scientific pro…

Avery Dennison helped Moet Hennessy solve one of the most difficult problems with bottle labeling with specially designed solutions. To solve the problem is a beautiful and practical bottleneck label. It can stabilize the company's leading champagne brand Moet & Chandon and other premium C ......Reading more