Four considerations for building artificial turf

In recent years, with the continuous renovation of artificial turf construction technology and the development of fiber materials and filling materials, many disadvantages of artificial turf such as high surface hardness and poor buffering performance have been gradually improved. Of course ......Reading more

Spray bottle: user experience good packaging form

Spray bottles are now mainly used in the cosmetic packaging field. By converting the bottle cap into a spray head, the cosmetic liquid in the bottle body can be evenly sprayed on the skin, which has a better experience than people's own pouring and painting. Now, some pharmaceutical packaging ......Reading more

Model 859 temperature titrator for measuring the total …

The surface of the aluminum material usually adopts some chemical methods such as acid treatment to achieve the purpose of improving its protection and functionality, expanding the application range and prolonging the service life. The wastewater produced after the surface treatment of aluminum cont ......Reading more

Analysis: the printing properties of printing inks

(1) Color The color of the ink, regardless of the degree of hue and tonal gradation, must be consistent. The same number of inks produced by the ink factory often have different colors due to the different batches. It is necessary to check whether they meet the requirements when mixing the inks. ......Reading more

Taste pure exotic style European and American style bed…

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Nowadays, European and American style furniture is becoming more and more popular. The two bedroom furniture set brought by Xiaobian today is simple and simple, a luxurious and exquisite. The design of each detail shows a strong exotic. Which one do you prefer ......Reading more

China Stops Clinical Application of Gene Sequencing

A few days ago, the State Food and Drug Administration and the National Health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued a notice requiring that no medical institution should carry out clinical applications of gene sequencing before the relevant access standards and management regulations are ......Reading more

Rubber flexo printing sheet promotes innovation in flex…

BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot("858283"); As the leader in offset blanket technology, ContiTech first applied its high-pressure microsphere air cushion to flexographic printing plates, and integrated offset printing technology into flexographic printing technology, which greatly improved the printi ......Reading more