Factors Affecting Offset Color Identification

In the offset printing process, for the offset printing operators mainly based on color image printing and copying, they often contact colors and identify colors. They must not only have normal visual judgment, but also have keen visual observation capabilities. Color blindness and color weakness ......Reading more

Research on Color Preservation Technology in Fresh-keep…

First, the importance of color retention and its characteristics 1. Preservation of color of agricultural products is the primary issue for preservation. Now that many agricultural products have lost their marketability, they begin with discoloration. The first problem of improper storage and ha ......Reading more

Cracked or split corrugated-1

Cracked or split corrugated Cause Corrugated Roller Corrugated Roller There is dirt on the corrugating roller. Wear is damaged or the surface is too rough. Upper and lower corrugating rolls are not parallel. The dent-shaped tooth marks are very shallow, and very thick core paper often has this ph ......Reading more

Beijing City Area Map(8)

Welcome to the new 2010 map system: http:// Faster, more maps Gull WingTruck Bed Tool Box,Metal Tool Box For Truck,Tool Box For Pickup,Portable Aluminum Tool BoxValet Parking Podium Co., Ltd. , http://www.trucktoolbox-cn.com ......Reading more

Nitrogen's effectiveness in food packaging and its …

Information Center In recent years, inflatable packaging has entered the lives of people as a new form of food packaging. The gas can be carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or other inert gases, but nitrogen is most commonly used today. The reason is: the content of nitrogen in the air is 78%, making it eas ......Reading more

Multi-layer reflective plastic composite rainbow film m…

The "multilayer reflective plastic composite rainbow film research and industrialization" project jointly completed by Beijing Technology and Business University and Zhejiang Yiwu Wanhe Crane Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. recently passed the technology organized by the China Light Indust ......Reading more

German food preservation and packaging

In Germany, the preservation of food and agricultural products is very scientific and rational. Whether it is meat, fish, or vegetables, fruits, from the place of production or processing plants to sales outlets, as long as the flow into the field, these foods are always in a cold chain in line wi ......Reading more