Modern Packaging Artistic and Aesthetic Innovation

Abstract: The modern commodity packaging design office is at the intersection of the new economy and culture. The design culture plays an increasingly significant role in economic development and social functions. Modern packaging is the bridge between producers and consumers to adapt to the new t ......Reading more

Ink caused by the common printing failure resolution of…

6. Pulling paper Phenomenon and reason: Pulling the paper hair means that the ink and the paper cannot be well adapted to each other. Pulling up the fibers of the paper surface, the pattern marks appear white spots. The reason for the generation of naps is that due to the looseness of the paper f ......Reading more

Photosensitive resin composition for lithographic print…

Patent name Photosensitive resin composition for lithographic printing plate and original plate for lithographic printing plate patent applicant Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd. Principal applicant Address Inventor of Tokyo Metropolitan Japan Takayuki Sanada; Koyoshi Takeshita; Yuki Suzuki; Koichi Kono; ......Reading more

Wide range of sterile bag packaging equipment

In the past few years, stick bag packaging has been the focus of public attention. However, with the continuous development of packaging technology, the bags under the next generation of "spotlights" will be packed in sterile bags. Recently, Volpak, a Spanish packaging machine manufactu ......Reading more

Triangle bag, I'm cool I'm in

Hangzhou Weilijia Foods Co., Ltd.'s Tetra Pak assortment 150ml sterilized flavored milk and Tetra Pak's aseptic traditional triangle packs new AD calcium milk production line formally put into operation, its unique packaging - triangular bag, became China's dairy packaging Another new ......Reading more

Personalized design of product packaging

In the information age, the globalization of packaging product design is a trend, but the design of national style and humanistic characteristics has increased in the course of diversified development. Designers are eager to seek for the packaging of items that represent their taste, using charact ......Reading more

Japan develops high-temperature environment-friendly pl…

Japan's Osaka Gas Corporation and its cooperative research unit Numazu National Institute of Technology recently developed a plastic that can be recycled by bacteria using a technology that can consume methane. It is reported that this plastic can withstand high temperatures of 150°C. At pr ......Reading more