Wood preservative

Wood preservative;murolineum An agent that prevents decay of wood during storage. Commonly used agents are asphalt, coal tar and pentachlorophenol. With the development of economy and people's environmental awareness, wood protection technology faces new opportunities and ......Reading more

"World Water Day" Nestle Launches Correct Rec…

From March 22nd to September 22nd, consumers simply log in to the Nestlé Drinking Water Company website, or paste plastic bottles from Nestlé’s “YUHUO” and “Deep Spring” bottled water or bottled water, together with your signature. The environmental declaration ......Reading more

Development of steel drum environmental protection tech…

Development of steel drum environmental protection technology Yang Wenliang Since the 1990s, environment and development have become a focus of attention in today's society. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the call for environmental p ......Reading more

Can: A Legend of Packaging Container History

In the 1930s, cans were successfully developed and produced in the United States. This three-piece can made from tinplate material—consisting of tin cans, top lids, and bottom tins—was used primarily for beer packaging. At present, the two-piece cans that are commonly used in aluminum ......Reading more

FMTECH's latest Jackets (female)

Outdoor sports brand--FMTECH further introduced several Jackets after the color knitted compound garments, the first female models Jackets and the function description: The front and back sides of the Jackets use a streamlined block design to create a more three-dimensional appearance and highligh ......Reading more

PET bottle new knowledge introduction

Currently, the PET bottle market is looking for a total solution that can reduce the cost of barriers, be easy to process, and at the same time not reduce transparency and facilitate recycling. New additives and barrier resins will cater to these market demands. In addition, other additives such a ......Reading more