Shanghai Jianhu discusses various problems of the test …

1. Is deformation the same as displacement? Before answering these two questions, let us first understand the concept of this. Deformation refers to the phenomenon that the sample generates force under the force during the test, and its shape and size also change is called deformation, that is, t ......Reading more

Britain will sequence genomes of 100,000 patients

On December 10, 2012, GenomeWeb reporters in New York (GenomeWeb News)-British Prime Minister David Cameron will announce today: The British National Health Service is about to launch a genome sequencing campaign for more than 100,000 people. The genome information will be used for the treatment a ......Reading more

Analysis of 5 characteristics of UV water-resistant gla…

UV ink is very suitable for the printing of glass products, but its poor water resistance has always plagued ink developers at home and abroad, and has also hindered the promotion and application of UV inks on glass. In response to this situation, Ito Ink Coating Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. summ ......Reading more

Instruction manual for rat complement 5a (C5a) elisa ki…

Rat complement 5a (C5a) elisa kit instruction manual Elisa kit Specification: 48-well configuration / 96-well configuration Standard dilution: 1.5ml × 1 bottle of enzyme label reagent: 3 ml × 1 bottle (48) / 6 ml × 1 bottle (96) [Rat Complement Fragment 5a (C5a) elisa kit] This reagent ......Reading more

New ultrasonic instrument applied to the International …

The instrument software start screen According to foreign media reports, scientists have invented a new type of ultrasonic instrument that can be used on the International Space Station, which can be used to check the spine of astronauts in real time. If you live in space for a few months, you ......Reading more

CAS: 632-20-2, D-threonine instruction manual

CAS: 632-20-2, D-threonine, D-α-amino-β-hydroxybutyric acid, D-hydroxybutyric acid, D-isohelix alginate amino acid, D-2-amino-3-hydroxyl Butyric acid, D-Theronine English name: D-Threonine; D-α-Amino-β-hydroxybutyric acid; D-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid; D-β-Hydroxy-2-aminobutyric ......Reading more

Human basic fibroblast growth factor ELISA test kit

Shanghai Enzyme Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying ELISA kits, kits, detection kits, human ELISA kits, rat ELISA kits, mouse ELISA kits, ELISA kits, ELISA KIT, rabbit ELISA kits, guinea pigs ELISA kit, cattle ELISA kit, sheep ELISA kit, dog ELISA kit, pig ELISA kit, hamster ELISA kit, ......Reading more