Wood furniture must be cautious when purchasing formald…

According to reports, the Beijing product quality supervision and inspection department recently announced that the formaldehyde content of 19 kinds of wood furniture products exceeded the standard, including several brands such as Rixinda and Zhengxin Weiye. At present, these brands are not found ......Reading more

The future of domestic home accessories market is very …

With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the living environment, the initial residence has gradually evolved into a comfortable and clean living environment, and the home life has gradually become refined and quality. More home accessories enter the homes of ordinary people ......Reading more

Fashion life of steel pipe home

Each table, chair, luminaire and locker is made of a lightweight steel pipe material frame. One of the series of furniture products continues this theme, and their geometric shapes are taken from the shape of a classic racing bicycle. "Acciaio series 2" is a follow-up to the "Acciai ......Reading more

Aging cause of blanket and how to overcome it

The cause of the aging of the blanket 1. In the daily production of the blanket, due to prolonged contact with the fountain solution, ink, gasoline, and kerosene, the elasticity will decrease, and the surface will age and glow. 2. It is fixed for a long time and tightened on the drum. After bein ......Reading more

You have to know these about dealing with dark circles.

Most people have such troubles, after staying up late, all night, the dark circles are also confidently leaping on the face. If you want to start a new day in a spirited manner, what should you do with this dark circle? Guiding expert Dr.E Beauty Researcher 1Q used a lot of eye masks are invalid ......Reading more

Exfoliating mask is not worse than scrub

No matter how expensive your cream is, the most care-free part of the cream is always on the other side. Overturning the wall must not be the best policy. It is best to knock the wall off. If you want to knock on the wall, please use a scrub. If you want to minimize the damage, please use the exfol ......Reading more

Glass bottles are hard to replace

The wine packaging industry has made great breakthroughs in terms of materials. The plastic bottle, metal bottle, and paper bottle, although all kinds of material bottles have their own advantages, but the Chinese bottle The network believes that the dominant position of glass bottles is difficult ......Reading more