Need to do work before printing the photoshop

1, determine the picture accuracy is 300dpi 2, determine the picture mode is CMYK mode 3, determine the solid bottom (such as pure yellow, pure black, etc.) no other noise 4, the file is best unconsolidated layer PSD file format 5, the text description in the picture is best not done in Photos ......Reading more

The United States developed a new type of fruit protect…

A few days ago, the U.S. Agricultural Research Agency scientists developed a new type of fruit protective film using a newly formulated shellac and sucrose ester. Sucrose esters are complexes that combine sucrose with esters and acids. This biological control protective film can maintain fruit qua ......Reading more

"Nano green packaging"

The so-called "nano green packaging" is the application of nanotechnology, using nano-composite (packaging) materials, so that packaging has a super-functional or singular characteristics of a kind of packaging summary. Since the nano-sized grains are finer than those of the conventiona ......Reading more

Corrugated cardboard box quality inspection matters

When inspecting a batch of cartons, visual inspection can be used initially but must be performed in a certain order. 1. Check whether the carton has been bundled or damaged by collision, whether there is rain or dampness; 2. From the middle of the sampling bale, a cardboard box shall be paved t ......Reading more

Water-based UV ink

The use of solvent-based inks in advertising and other industries has become more common, but solvents in solvent-based inks are volatile and can contaminate the environment. In the printing process, the viscosity of the inks will increase as the volatilization of solvents increases. Causes the lo ......Reading more

Water-based UV resin and ink product features

I. Product Overview: The film is transparent and soft, with fast photocuring speed, strong friction resistance, excellent adhesion to the surface of metal ʻaluminum` paper, non-toxic and odorless, environmental protection is not flammable, no volatile at room temperature, low construction visc ......Reading more

Color newspaper printing processing

The printing quality of newspapers is the cornerstone of the survival and development of printing plants, the embodiment of the important competitiveness of newspaper printing tasks, and a key factor for newspapers to attract readers and increase market share. Continuously improving the quality of ......Reading more