508 Adhesive Formula

formula Component dosage /g component dosage /g E-44 Epoxy 100 Titanium Dioxide 50 647 anhydride 60 glass powder 50 Preparation and curing Curing for 3 h at a pressure of 0.05 MPa and 150°C. Uses The glue is used to glue various metal parts. Source: 21st Century Fine Network Luxury Prin ......Reading more

Diamond 3000TP tandem type printing machine

The Diamond 3000TP tandem duplexer was developed to meet the market's need for high efficiency and accurate color, and is ideal for high-end packaging, public publication and postal product printing. The machine format of this exhibition is 28" x 40", with 5 colors printed on the fro ......Reading more

Indian enterprises voice: digital proofing all the way …

Proofing is an indispensable step in printing. A proof is a preview of the effects to be printed and a draft of the original correction. More importantly, it is a proof that printing colors need to follow. With the widespread use of digitization in the printing industry, digital proofing gradually ......Reading more

Selecting and using screen printing inks

Due to the versatility and versatility of screen printing inks, the correct choice and use of screen printing inks is even more important. Only the right choice of screen printing inks based on the printing materials, printing equipment characteristics, post-printing processing conditions, and cost ......Reading more

Tea Packaging Works Series Appreciation (25)

Food Tongs Sturdy Steel & Heavier Feel-compared to other 0.8MM THICKNESS or less Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs, TOALLWIN 1.0MM stainless steel cooking tongs more sturdy/thicker to resistant bend/hurt hands and grips heavier food or meat; heavy duty solid rivet makes TOALLWIN serv ......Reading more

Inspection principles for various indicators of quality…

In order to ensure the quality of the offset printing plate, the operation personnel and quality inspectors of the plate making process must carefully inspect the printing plate after the printing, so as to find out the plate-making quality problem before large-volume printing and correct it in ti ......Reading more