Cute fruit card - new year card, holiday card

Card making steps: White cardboard, draw the favorite color with a colored brush, and then draw a few cute fruit pictures, If the second side of the orange is cut with scissors, it is a three-dimensional figure; The third side of the strawberry is cut with scissors, and ......Reading more

How to quickly buy wooden door wooden doors to buy atte…

Teach you how to quickly buy wooden doors First, choose the door type 1. It should be considered whether the shape of the wooden door is beautiful or not, and it is consistent with the overall decorative style. 2. If your home decoration style is European style, it is best to choose craft wo ......Reading more

Common misconceptions about color management systems

Nowadays, color management is becoming more and more popular in the printing industry. However, in reality, many users will make mistakes of one kind or another because of improper use. Here are some examples of frequent mistakes that have been made and explained to you. Missed one: color managem ......Reading more

Coding and Cards in Tags

1. Barcodes: In China, general bar codes have been widely used in supermarkets. Anti-counterfeit barcodes can be printed with colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeiting inks, and fluorescent images can only be displayed under ultraviolet irradiation. A very red fluorescent barcode can be read with ......Reading more

Research on improving the reliability of steel drum sea…

Research on improving the reliability of steel drum sealing Liu Guoliang, the 3602 factory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Seal reliability is a very important quality characteristic in many quality requirements of steel drum products. For a steel drum, if its sealing performance is ......Reading more

How to remedy the pandas in power generation?

In the morning, I was still proud of my eye makeup. At the crucial moment of the dinner date, I found that the sweat and oil secreted from the day had no effect on the makeup effect. What is even more terrible is that the cosmetics were overestimated. The effect of mascara, the charming lady in the ......Reading more

Gerhardt launches flexible packaging die cutting equipm…

Gerhardt has introduced a 7* flexible packaging die-cutting system that can be used in the processing of rolls, foils, foils, manufacturing, cardboard, and nonwovens, and it can also be used for rough materials and difficult to process. Material processing. This system uses a new wear-resistant co ......Reading more