3DRobotics Free 3D Print Design for IRIS+ Drones

Recently, 3D Robotics, a well-known drone manufacturer based in Berkeley, USA, and MyMiniFactory, an online 3D printing model library, jointly released a free 3D printed version of its flagship product IRIS+. It is understood that this IRIS+ was first launched in 2014, and used an advanced microprocessor jointly developed with Intel. It was the most advanced 3D printing drone at that time. It is also the first drone to truly use the Follow Me technology, which allows the drone to automatically follow the user in the sky without control and automatically aim the camera at the user.

Today, as a staunch supporter of open source technology, 3DR has decided to release all 3D printable files of IRIS+ on the MyMiniFactory platform for users to download for free. Moreover, users of MyMiniFactory can DIY their own IRIS+ drones simply by purchasing the required electronic components from 3DR. This is the first time 3DR has released a 3D printed version of a drone in the 3D printing community. The company encourages users to add or modify parts on IRIS+ to meet their individual needs.

3DRobotics Free 3D Print Design for IRIS+ Drones

It is reported that in order to fully guarantee that these design files can be 3D printed, MyMiniFactory designer Kirby Downey spent a week printing, assembling and testing it, and detailed the whole process, in addition, he is still based on this. A set of optimized 3D printed parts was created that is 50% lighter than standard, but requires 80% less support material. In addition to these assembly instructions, MyMiniFactory provides a complete set of optimal printer setup parameters.

MyMiniFactory version IRIS+ uses standard PLA material for 3D printing with a fill rate of 10%. The entire 3D printing time may vary depending on the printer, but the average time is about 7 hours. In addition, 3DR itself provides a page that gives the company's printing and assembly instructions, including how to route and program electrical components, and a complete troubleshooting guide.

3DRobotics Free 3D Print Design for IRIS+ Drones

In addition, in addition to the existing components, MyMiniFactory provides additional 3D printing accessories and plug-in projects that can be used to enhance or extend the functionality of IRIS+ drones. Click here to download the 3D printed IRIS+ file and find the complete assembly guide, and the assembly and operating instructions provided by 3DR are available here.

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