8 beautiful cosmetics at the bottom of the press box

Many brands have super-best star products. Even without a fierce advertising campaign, they can become the treasures of the crushers with their own charm. Are you in stock of the following 8 pressure box star products?
Clinique Body Lotion - Gel Formula (No Oil Butter)
Highlights: The formula is the same as the skin's natural moisturizing ingredients, replicating the natural water-oil balance, effectively preventing skin moisture loss and allergies, and instantly turning the skin into a wet sponge that is good at introducing nutrients. The å•«å“© formula meets the needs of oily skin and is the ideal skin care product for oily skin. This lotion is perfect for oily skin and has a very good moisturizing effect in summer.
Bedmar Soothing Cleanser
Highlights: A combination of cleansing and cleansing, water-like refreshing texture, no sticky feeling, no need to wash with water. It is fragrance-free, soapy, mild, and suitable for any or sensitive skin. The price is not expensive, it is enough to remove the isolation, sunscreen or light makeup, and the makeup removal is convenient and quick.
NARS Blush
Highlights: This blush texture is very detailed, natural color, strong color rendering, and good durability. After rubbing, the complexion can have unexpectedly good results. The special texture of the transparent ingredients is light and not heavy, the makeup is the most natural, and there are many colors to choose from.
Paris L'Oreal Eyelash Rejuvenating Essence
Highlights: Helps eyelash growth and reduces eyelash drop. It can transport nutrients for the hair follicles, promote eyelash growth, and make the eyelash hair follicles in the dormant period get the nutrients needed for growth, so as to be awakened, new eyelashes appear, and the eyelashes are longer and denser. After a few days, I feel that the eyelashes are thicker, the lower eyelashes are obviously growing, and the effect at night is better.
Jia Mei Le
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Revlon 12 hours without bleaching eyeshadow
Highlights: full-bodied, long-lasting, beautiful, glamorous, non-marking technology, no creases, no fading, no fading. Silky powdery, smooth and stretchable, four-color progressive, no fit, contact lens wearer is also suitable. The Revlon's non-marking series for the work makeup of the office family is generally good, and the long-lasting effect of the makeup is good, because the makeup is completely compliant.
Ke Yan's Lip Balm No.1
Highlights: It is compatible with the skin's natural oils and is easily absorbed by the skin, which is effective for moisturizing. Vitamin E, which is antioxidant and protects the skin, is also a powerful moisturizer. Contains soothing ingredients, moisturizing vitamins, and UV-blocking ingredients to provide the most complete protection for the lips, with immediate soothing benefits and soft, rich lips.

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