a & i bags both stylish and healthy and environmentally friendly

One day in 2006, when one of our designers visited a friend who worked at a scrapped car factory, he inadvertently saw the hammock compiled by his best friend using worn seat belts, inspiring the designer's inspiration. Can these worn-out seat belts create more durable, creative supplies? So he took these worn-out seat belts home, after repeated design and testing, the preparation of a cup holder, belts, briefcases and many other daily necessities, including seat belts are more friends around friends of all ages, colleagues were Scramble for the air. This phenomenon has aroused the attention of the boss of the company. He believes that the environmentally friendly and personalized safety belt bag has a very promising market and will inevitably lead to a new fashion trend. The a & i brand is also born. In 2008, a & i became the designer brand of Hong Kong Guotuomiantian Investment Group (CCT) with a number of patented technologies. CCT is a rookie in the field of fashion design in Hong Kong, owns a number of designer fashion brand personality, and attracted enthusiastic from Italy, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland numerous design elite to join . More than 100 existing shops have covered 24 key provinces and municipalities in the country and successfully established large top stores in China including Wangfujing, Intime, Parkson, Cade, Dashang, Golden Eagle, Jinhua, Wanda and New World Range of cooperation.

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