Aging cause of blanket and how to overcome it

The cause of the aging of the blanket

1. In the daily production of the blanket, due to prolonged contact with the fountain solution, ink, gasoline, and kerosene, the elasticity will decrease, and the surface will age and glow.

2. It is fixed for a long time and tightened on the drum. After being rolled by the drum, the blanket is stiff and loses its balance and high elasticity.

3. The influence of external environmental conditions, such as the effects of air, light, and heat, destroys the chemical structure of the blanket and changes its physical properties. Its mechanical properties are degraded, hardened, brittle, and cracks or hair may occur when severe. Soft sticky.

How to Prevent Blanket Aging

1. Each time when the machine is shut down for a long time, the ink of the blanket should be washed away and dried to leave no residue, to prevent the surface rubber from being too smooth and hardened and to improve the aging. When there is a lot of paper wool, silt and fillers and other impurities accumulated on the surface of the cloth, it is necessary to insist on washing the blanket, keep the surface of the rubber cloth clean, prevent the impurities from being accumulated too thick, harden into a solid, and press the blanket to make Partial loss of elasticity of rubber.

2. After washing the blanket, take some talcum powder on the blanket to restore the elasticity of the blanket.

3. When the printer is not printing for a long time, the blanket should be relaxed to restore its original elasticity. Replace the blanket, should be cleaned, take some talcum powder, and wrapped in opaque paper in a cool place.

4. Use organic solvents with fast evaporation and strong solubility as the detergent for blankets. Light oil is commonly used as a detergent in our factory, while slow evaporation of kerosene can make the blanket swell. In addition, when printing, it is necessary to pay attention to the printing pressure. The overprinted paper should be kept well. It should not contain sand and other sundries. Do not use paper with folds, adhesions or incompleteness. At the same time, blankets should be kept away from high temperatures or low temperatures, away from electromagnetic, intense light, and chemicals.

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