At this moment meet you Tissot watch Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei to reproduce the beautiful encounter

Love is a sweet game about meeting. Swiss watch brand Tissot watch Love Tanabata in the occasion of the occasion, the melting of a hundred years of superb skills and touching feelings, hand in hand with the global ambassadors Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei, the selection did not change the beginning of the Durel series, a strong and powerful series of treasure ring, but with different characteristics The perfect match with Kutu and Zhen time series watches, the best to meet, restore the throbbing and joyful encounter. At this moment, the time to deliver to each other, so that better me, met more beautiful you. Meet in that street Love is I do not know what it is, but always passionate. Every love begins with an unforgettable encounter. The story of Tissot began in Dululou, a small town in the Dutch town of Locke. The Durer series, named after this street, is the testimony of a moving love story. Tuso Du Lurier series of watches to jump the pointer, bit by bit, depicting a beautiful scene of love, mechanical power 80 movement to bring about a lasting move is the same commitment to love. He and the wrist of the Düurr series dial retro Roman numerals with elegant digital time scale, with exquisite romantic Paris decorated nail pattern, the detail of the heart and taste make him extraordinary aura. Simple outline of the outline of the line, deep brown leather strap full of powerful feeling, exudes an infinite charm of the gentleman. She, a cluster of dazzling red wrist, adds a touch of stunning bright color to the Du Luer Avenue. Mother of pearl dial in the light and shadow changes under the distribution of colorful light, delicate and charming. Heart yearning for love and aspiration, like brilliant red, penetrating her crimson cheeks, gentle and memorable. At this moment, is a favorite freeze frame. Figure 1: Tusoo Truer Series watch Figure 2/3: Tusoo Truer Series Observatory Certified Men's Watch / TUSAULT DUULER Series Red Belt Women's Watch Recurrence I still love you as ever Let the time back, back to the moment of meeting, let you know I still like you, as always enthusiasm and love. With the determination of the "core" of the Po ring watch is the most qualified to tell the story of a firm heart love between the wrist. Its classic and exquisite appearance like enough for each other in their hearts, obviously a mortal in the world, but so different. The sparkling Parisian studs on the bezel sparkle out of the sweetness of love, looking back to the strap, whether it is a durable steel bracelet or a textured leather strap that shares both his and her taste Highlight no doubt. Determined "core" is also used to persevere precise time to talk about the same love of the original heart, has been amazing on the basis of mechanical power 80 movement, the first time using the luxury and precision of silicon hairspring, resist the magnetic field and other external factors Accurately record the time from beginning to end, like countless love for him and her, starving, my heart does not change. As the first full range of Tissot watches seven watches are the Observatory certification (COSC) flagship series, the Po ring series with superb skills, witness him and she was recognized by the love of time, with a permanent pointer to sway each Points every second. At this moment, pass every encounter of heart and fell in love. Figure 4/5: Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei interpretation of Tissot Ring series steel watch Figure 6: Tissot treasure ring series steel watch Figure 7/8: Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei interpretation of Tissot Baohuan series watch Figure 9/10: Tissot treasure ring series brown belt male watch / gold models female watch Encounter us closely Formerly, he and she were only two points in parallel space. Come and visit me. You hid from my possession and explored the code of Tibet and searching. A fatal encounter so that the original two different people, from the close connection, as between his wrist Kutu series watches and wrist time series wrist watches, have different qualities it is a natural fit. Kutu series chronograph with deep black strap and solid 316L stainless steel case means his quiet and full of heritage of the heart, through thousands of sails, but still accurately know the innermost feelings, gear-shaped timing disk, Raised between the word scale design, have increased the mechanical watch sense of movement and movement. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass and dial on the three small time plate, to ensure more than the precise time of reading, but also for his able to add athletic atmosphere. Zhen time series watch in her wrist is her best expression, oval dial 12 o'clock position and the crown of the ruby ​​inlaid and small seconds at 6 o'clock position, adding a balance of beauty. Pearl mother of pearl dial dazzling brilliance, against the background of the fire red strap, like a gorgeous bloom of roses tied to the wrist, always tell the most sweet romance, let her feel loved and cherished happiness. This moment, so sweet full of life every day. Figure 11/12: Huang Xiaoming wearing Tissot Kutu series chronograph / Liu Yifei wearing Tissot Zhen series of Valentine's Day special watch Figure 13/14: Tissot Kutu series chronograph / Tissot Zhen series Valentine's Day special watch

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