Bottle bottle label a simple and complex scientific problem

Avery Dennison helped Moet Hennessy solve one of the most difficult problems with bottle labeling with specially designed solutions. To solve the problem is a beautiful and practical bottleneck label. It can stabilize the company's leading champagne brand Moet & Chandon and other premium Champagne foil caps.

Champagne bottle bottleneck labels have stringent technical requirements for self-adhesive labels because the label must be wrapped around the mandrel and the bottleneck's complex arc curve very tightly, and there must be enough tack to allow the label to adhere to the foil package and be smooth. The "tether" is "on the glass". In addition, superior printing and transfer technology must be used to match the label with the image of high-quality champagne. This is particularly true of the wines produced by Moet Hennessy. Founded in 1743, Moet Hennessy is recognized worldwide as one of the highest-achieving and largest champagne wineries.

The main difference: extraordinary appearance

In the case of Moet Hennessy's bottles, it is particularly difficult to achieve smooth elegance. Gilles Cateau, process engineer at Moet Hennessy, said: “Moet & Chandon's 'bottle model' is special. It's very smart in shape, with two black tips hanging down, and is a unique canopy design.”

Solving technical problems

Avery Dennison proposed using a special self-adhesive Fasson(R) self-adhesive label to solve the problem. This label has a double benefit: a strong film surface and high-efficiency adhesive effect. It combines Fasson PE150 (50 micron white polyethylene coated film) and soluble acrylic adhesive Fasson S700 (attached to white translucent glass spacer). This sheet gives Moet Hennessy's printers the opportunity to display their printing and film label transfer techniques, while at the same time making stable, positionally correct high-speed signatures on the packaging line. All wines that Moet distributes worldwide are labelled in France.

Fasson Bottle Label Series

Avery Dennison's Label Materials Division has added a number of specialized self-adhesive labels for the wine in the Fasson(R) label range, and provides technical support to assist wine producers, label transferers, and creative teams to choose the right job for their hands. materials.

"Real quality improvement"

M Cateau said: “The Fasson label we use on the Champagne 'Bottle Label' is perfectly suited to our production line and we have achieved the outstanding visual effects we have achieved for our Champagne production.”

“The effect of Fasson Adhesive is much better than that of the original wet peptizer that we used in the previous report of China Wines. The wet-rubber solvent left a visible adhesive residue on the glass container. After using Fasson solvent, we experienced a real improvement in quality. Our 'tags are in good condition' and they stick tightly to the bottle - this is a key requirement because they are the main marks for the distribution of Moet & Chandon wines worldwide and they are also the main differences."

About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison is an industry recognized leader in developing innovative identification systems and decorative solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. The company's products include pressure sensitive label materials, graphic imaging media, retail apparel signage and branding systems, RFID inlays and labels, office supplies, special adhesive tapes, and a variety of labels specifically designed for automotive, industrial and durable goods. . Avery Dennison, headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., is one of the Fortune 500 companies, with sales of $6 billion in 2009 and employees in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Avery Dennison Label Materials Division

Avery Dennison's Label Materials Division is committed to producing self-adhesive label materials for Fasson (R), the world's leading brand. The business unit is dedicated to exploring markets in Asia Pacific, North America, South America and Europe. The Asia Pacific Label Materials Division established the Philip M. Neal Research Center in Kunshan, China, to conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of materials science, polymerization technology, precision coating technology and printing technology. The department also trains partners and label printers in the region through the Self-Adhesive Converting College in Kunshan to provide professional training in the field of sticker printing and transfer technology.

Today, the Fasson(R) brand has earned a reputation as a model for innovative pressure-sensitive materials and focused customer service. The brand represents first-class quality, reliability and performance, and is used in almost every major industry in the world.

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