Brief analysis of future actual market prospects of NFC technology

Recently, the NFC media communication meeting held by 3W Cofee, which is a very rare NFC technology promotion event in China, was co-sponsored by Nokia and the street. The former is an important member of the NFC alliance, and the latter is a typical application of NFC technology. It is also suitable to co-organize this event together.

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, also known as short-range wireless communication technology or near-field communication technology. It can achieve short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, and PCs. It is jointly developed by Philips and Sony, and this is also the case for Nokia. The main promoter of this technology.

The simplest understanding of NFC is the bus card. Users who ride the bus do not need to pay change or buy a ticket. They can automatically charge and deduct fees by swiping on and off the card. Although the technical details are different from NFC, the same service is achieved. NFC provides a simple, touch-sensitive solution that allows consumers to exchange information, access content, and services simply and intuitively. The combination of mobile phone and NFC technology has natural advantages. First, it is carried by most people. Secondly, the hardware configuration of smartphones (GPS, gravity / speed / distance sensing, 3G network), the number of applications (shopping, entertainment, tools) NFC technology can be quickly applied, not just technology and paper.

At present, there are two main application methods of NFC technology:

Mobile phones equipped with NFC chips will be able to replace contactless cards such as bus cards and meal cards to achieve small and fast payments. Perhaps one day domestic third-party payment companies such as Alipay and Yibao can also develop curves in this way.

Realize information recognition through NFC devices, including reading URLs, text messages, interactive content, electronic business cards, etc. At present, the main NFC check-in on the street is also such applications. Perhaps one day the QR codes on various outdoor advertisements can become NFC content.

It seems that the prospect is very beautiful. NFC-enabled mobile phones will be able to replace our keys, wallets and even the company's industrial cards. All contactless cards and information recognition are involved in the category.

NFC application prospects

Although the dream is beautiful, the prospect of NFC being put on the market may be far less optimistic than the manufacturers claim. First of all, on the most important NFC terminal penetration rate, the Windows Phone ’s plan to support NFC was postponed to 2012. The iPhone 4S means that Apple continues to be silent on NFC. Nokia currently has only a limited number of SymbianBelle models that support NFC. The Android market currently only has Galaxy Nexus jointly launched by Samsung and Google. It will take at least half a year to a year for NFC-equipped terminals to become popular on the market. The most important thing is that NFC is not an irreplaceable technology. It only provides a better experience of existing services, considering the frequency of mobile phone replacement by consumers. It will take at least 2 years for the market share of NFC equipment to reach the merchants' expectations (20% -40%).

More importantly, China ’s National Standardization Management Committee has established a working group to draft and formulate China ’s national standards for RFID. It is said that this will enable China to obtain relevant independent intellectual property rights. Referring to the national standard cases of WAPI and TD-SCDMA, if NFC cannot agree with the government in terms of standards and market access, it may miss the licensed market for a long time. Before solving these problems, NFC technology can only look beautiful. If you have a good smartphone, you do n’t need to change the NFC. Of course, if you happen to have a replacement plan, you may wish to wait for a mobile phone with an NFC chip. .

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