Britain will sequence genomes of 100,000 patients

On December 10, 2012, GenomeWeb reporters in New York (GenomeWeb News)-British Prime Minister David Cameron will announce today: The British National Health Service is about to launch a genome sequencing campaign for more than 100,000 people. The genome information will be used for the treatment and research of cancer and other diseases.

The Prime Minister ’s Office announced today that it has allocated £ 100 million (US $ 160.9 million) to British geneticists and health care institutions engaged in genomic drug research for DNA mapping projects. The DNA sequencing supported by this fund can not only be used to study and treat cancer, but also related to the research and treatment of some rare diseases and genetic diseases. It can also further improve the basic database information of the British National Health Service and make the genomic data more Patient treatment brings the gospel.

Before the official announcement, Cameron said: "In the field of scientific research and medical innovation, the UK has always been a pioneer in the world, from the first CT scanner, test tube baby to decoding DNA. Constantly surpassing ourselves and pioneering innovation It makes a lot of sense for us. This new plan will mean that we are the first country in the world to adopt DNA coding in mainstream health services. "

Sally Davies, the UK ’s chief health officer, said: In the Department of National Health Services, it is no stranger to use single gene tests to diagnose cancer and reduce treatment side effects. She said: "At that time, these tests focused on diseases caused by single gene mutations. The opening of this research allows us to understand our own 3 billion DNA, and then we can have a complex relationship between our genes and lifestyles. Further understanding. "

Research and University Minister David Willetts said: The 100 million pounds of start-up funding comes from the 600 million pounds that the Chancellor of the Exchequer said last week. These funds will be included in the budget of scientific research projects that the United Kingdom has planned for the next three years.

The Prime Minister ’s Office said: Genome sequencing will be completely voluntary, patients have the right to refuse sequencing, and all DNA data will be kept anonymously, unless it is for the patient ’s own treatment.

The British National Health Service has developed a variety of data storage methods to protect patients ’privacy. In the entire project decision-making, the platform and technology used in the final link for sequencing have not been announced. The specific details of the entire genome sequencing project have not been fully disclosed, and the project partners have not been announced in this report.

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