Can: A Legend of Packaging Container History

In the 1930s, cans were successfully developed and produced in the United States. This three-piece can made from tinplate material—consisting of tin cans, top lids, and bottom tins—was used primarily for beer packaging. At present, the two-piece cans that are commonly used in aluminum production—deep cans with only can body sheets and can lids—were born in the early 1960s.

The development of can-making technology makes it widely used in the packaging of all kinds of commodities. Most of beer, beverages and cans are currently packaged in cans. It is reported that there are more than 200 billion aluminum cans produced around the world each year. At present, cans have become the most widely used and most frequently used packaging containers on the market, and they are the king of genuine packaging containers. The rapid increase in the consumption of cans has also led to a significant increase in the consumption of aluminum materials for cans. At present, aluminum products for cans have accounted for 15% of the total amount of aluminum products in the world.

With the increase in the use of cans, countries around the world have been developing lighter, thinner new cans in order to save resources and reduce packaging costs. Aluminum cans were also reduced from the initial 25 kilograms per 1000 cans to 20 kilograms in the mid-1970s. The weight per 1,000 cans is now only 15 kg, which is about 40% lower than the average weight of the 1960s.

In addition to the introduction of lighter, thinner aluminum cans, the recycling rate of cans is also increasing. As early as the 1980s, the recycling rate of aluminum cans in the United States has exceeded 50%, reaching 62.1% in 2000. Japan's recycling rate is even higher, currently exceeding 83%.

Reprinted: Chinese bottle net

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