Can yellow and blemishes be together?

Which kind of "whitening essence", "beauty spot essence", and "whitening spot essence" should be chosen, isn't it a white one? In fact, yellow and light spots are not the same thing.

Can yellow and blemishes be together?

First, the reasons for the formation are different

Spot - melanin

The pigmentation is precipitated by melanin. When the skin is stimulated by the outside world, it will open the “self-protection” mode and activate the tyrosinase in the cell. This is the culprit of releasing melanin, and it will continue to Epidermal transport, mass production is too large, uneven distribution becomes a sinister stain.

Yellowing - fatigue, lack of sleep, ultraviolet light, etc.

In addition to fatigue, lack of sleep will affect the skin color, mainly UV damage to the dermis, collagen fibers and elastic fibers break, metamorphose agglomeration, leaving the skin lost translucent. In addition, the old waste keratin metabolism caused by poor microcirculation is not as good as the saccharification problem proposed in the past two years, and it is also the two major sources of sallow face.

Can yellow and blemishes be together?

Second, the four major problems of yellowing and blemishes

In the end, the yellow and blemishes are all for whitening, so the yellow products and the blemishes have added some whitening ingredients more or less. So what are the questions about these whitening ingredients? Xiaobian one for you to answer.

Q1: Partially targeted blemish products, is the whitening ingredient really higher than the yellow skin care product?

A: If you only refer to the whitening ingredients such as Vitamin C, the light spot products will definitely be more important. The yellowing formula is more dependent on the skin and antioxidant ingredients.

Q2: “Whitening and Whitening” which has been circulating for many years on the rivers and lakes, and the blemishes containing more whitening ingredients are more likely to dry the skin.

A: Not necessarily, the whitening or fading products are actually similar in matrix, and the way of borrowing is different.

Blemish products: The whitening ingredients are fragile and unstable, and different ingredients have their own stability values, which limits the space for adding moisturizers.

Yellowing products: Exfoliating ingredients with peeling properties, such as salicylic acid, are also the culprit of dry skin.

Q3: Which ingredients are responsible for the two skin brightening needs?

A: For pigmentation: Vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid, ellagic acid, and nicotinamide, which are common in whitening products, are mainly used to dilute melanin.

For 祛黄: and "dark yellow" focuses on anti-oxidation and inhibition of skin saccharification, such as ferulic acid, white tea, vitamin E, vitamin A, Q10, astaxanthin, lycopene, these are good antioxidants Skin care ingredients, as for anti-glycation, you can pay attention to products containing dipeptide or eucalyptus PFA.

Q4, is there a whitening ingredient that can also lick yellow spots?

A: Acidic addition such as ellagic acid is the star of the whitening world. It has obvious effects regardless of the light spots or yellowing. However, due to the low pH, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing to ease the stimulation. However, the pH of the acidic component is generally lower than 4, and the moisturizing product is neutral, so that the mixing property easily neutralizes the acidic property of the active ingredient and affects the skin care effect. It is recommended to apply a layer of pure vegetable oil, evening primrose oil or jojoba oil before using this whitening product to soothe the skin and reduce the irritation of acidic ingredients. >>> 7 reasons for cheeks and acne lying down and shooting

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