Children's Christmas handmade small production

The arrival of Christmas indicates that the year is coming to an end, and it also indicates that various festivals will follow in the following days. In this week's parent-child activities, there will be a lot of gameplay: for example, let the children use the special red and green colors of Christmas to graffiti on the big glass; for example, prepare the children with red paper and let the children cut into Christmas boots. Look, then learn to sew the boots with green wool: For example, Dad can be dressed as Santa Claus, with the children to create a snowy scene with white crepe paper . These lively scenes of playing beauty will push the warm atmosphere of the festival to a climax, and the children will once again get an invaluable happy experience.

Works: "Red and Green of Christmas"
Works: "Red and Green of Christmas"

There are so many ways to play Christmas, and Mom and Dad and the kids will have many new tricks. But no matter how you play, please be sure to hand over the dominance to your child. It’s a child’s nature to play with fun, but there are fewer and fewer times when you can enjoy yourself, so don’t force your child when you play.

Material : water pink / red cardboard / wool ....

Works: "Red and Green of Christmas"
Works: "Red and Green of Christmas"

Twisted paper rope handle making machine, 

This is a good machine for making twisted paper handle.It pastes the twisted Paper Rope and paper strap together and cut off them for separate handles.It is running stably and fast with hot melt glue application. The handle size can be customized according to customers`request and one machine can make several different handle sizes.

Normally, one 5 or 10 meter long production line is followed at the end of this machine so that the workers can put the ready made handles on the paper bags on site when the ready made handles coming out from the machine

twisted paper handle machinecolorful paper bag kraft1colorful paper bag kraft1

Paper Handle Machine

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