Children's furniture is not allowed to advance in advance.

"Now the children's furniture is discounted, the discount is bigger than in previous years, and some even hit 50%." Recently, the public Ms. Zhang found that near the "June 1", many businesses hit the children's furniture promotion card. The reporter learned that in addition to the holiday effect, there is another reason that the first "General Technical Regulations for Children's Furniture" will be implemented on August 1st, and the new standard products will be delisted, plus children's furniture. Brand new models have been listed, and many businesses actively use the Children's Day to promote cleanup of inventory.

"June 1" did not advance clearance sale

Around the "June 1" every year, it is the peak season for the sale of children's furniture. It has become an industry practice for businesses to take the opportunity to launch preferential activities. The reporter visited a good home, Furma and other home markets and found that many brand stores have begun to prepare for the "June 1" promotion on the basis of continuing the "May 1" promotion. According to the merchants, under normal circumstances, the biggest promotion period of each year is concentrated around the “May 1st”, and there are discount promotions before and after the “June 1st Children’s Day”, but this year’s promotion activities are based on the advancement. The discount strength.

In a good Columbini brand store, the reporter saw several sets of children's furniture being sold at a special price, including a set of original price of 19,000 yuan for football-themed furniture. Why is the promotion so great? The brand sales staff explained that the brand will soon have new products on the market, so the old products will be reduced in price. In addition, in other children's furniture brand stores, there are also regular promotions, the price discount is about 20% off. “Children's furniture has always been produced according to adult standards. The standards for children's furniture are coming out soon. Many children's furniture on the market may not meet the standards, and they are facing the risk of elimination. They have to deal with the goods earlier. So this year's promotion is more than ever. Big." A brand of children's furniture agents revealed to reporters.

Children's furniture "access threshold" improved

It is understood that the forthcoming "General Technical Regulations for Children's Furniture" imposes strict restrictions on the chemical components such as formaldehyde present in furniture, and puts forward specific requirements for soft furniture dyes and PH values. The implementation of the new standard will make the production, transportation and sales of children's furniture have a basis.

"It’s really good to wait for more than two months for children’s furniture. It’s really good.” Mr. Liu, who is visiting the home market, said happily, “I will buy a children’s combination bed for my 6-year-old daughter.” This is China's first new standard for children's furniture. The new standard provides parents with some reference for purchasing children's furniture, and also cracks the embarrassing situation of children's furniture without standards.

Many first-line home brand sellers believe that the introduction of the national standard is aimed at children's furniture produced by some small factories. “After the introduction of the national standard, the indicators of children's furniture with good quality and good quality are also qualified.” The good sales agent said that although some well-known children's furniture brands on the market have used higher production standards, the introduction and implementation of new standards. It can still prevent the inferior children's furniture from entering the market to a large extent, and can also eliminate unqualified furniture products and further regulate the development of the entire market.

New standard or high product price

During the interview, many merchants told reporters that with the implementation of the new standards, it is not possible to rule out the possibility of new products. After the listing of children's furniture that meets the new national standard, will the price rise?

A number of domestic well-known furniture brand agents have said that, in general, the price of children's furniture after the implementation of the new national standard will be higher than the old standard furniture because of the standard, and the production cost has also increased. However, with the mass production of new standard furniture, the price will gradually fall. Some first-line children's furniture brands, the production standards refer to European standards, are more stringent than the new national standard, so the price will not change much.

In the interview, many consumers said that they would wait for new products to be purchased after the new standards were implemented. In this regard, the relevant experts of the city's industrial and commercial departments reminded that consumers should open the drawers before buying. The tasteful children's furniture indicates that there are more harmful substances such as formaldehyde. When purchasing, special attention should be paid to its environmental protection. The brand is required to present the corresponding inspection certificate to see if it meets the relevant standards; when signing the sales contract, the environmental protection guarantee should be clearly written. If the merchant refuses to sign the guarantee, it is best not to buy it; it is best to choose furniture with less adhesive. Its formaldehyde content is relatively low. The environmental protection level of furniture materials and materials is from medium to low density, medium density board, particle board, large core board, plywood, laminated timber, laminated timber and solid wood.

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