Choose a lipstick to learn

Most people choose lip balm but two major considerations, the first is the texture, and the second is the color. The texture will take into account the actual moisture and persistence, followed by the popular matte or moisturizing. The color considerations vary from person to person, and some will follow the trend. If you paint it, you will become ill or exaggerated. Some will be very conservative. You will always choose some neutral natural colors. [It seems] suitable for yourself. In fact, choose the color of lipstick, learning is more than it! Before you buy lipstick, it is best to observe one of your own faces in front of the mirror. There are four things to watch out for:

· Lip · Lip color · Teeth color · Skin color

Don’t think that you’re looking at the mirror every day and you’re clear about the above question. In fact, as long as you put all the points together, you’ll find amazing colors for lipsticks that are suitable for you, and you may find that the colors you’ve always loved are not suit myself! Here are some taboos for choosing lipstick colors:

Lip: Lip is not obvious, too thick or too thin, upper and lower lip thickness is too large, or very asymmetric, in addition to the use of lip liner and concealer correction, it is best to use a pair of light brown red Most of the Orientals have "work" natural tones.

Lip color: because of the long-term use of lipstick, lip color tends to be pale or dark. In addition to considering the hiding power and persistence when buying lipstick, it is also necessary to understand that the same type of lipstick used on the pale lips will be more fresh and dull lips will be more matte. The popular light brown lipstick, unless with full makeup, will not look good in most oriental faces!

Teeth color: There is of course no need to bother with white teeth. Tooth yellowing avoids the use of cool tones such as purple and pink, but also gives off orange-yellow lipstick.

Skin color: Skin color definitely occupies an important part of the color choice, yellowish skin with pink, pink will not be pleasing to the eye, darker skin color is not available too light or too bright lipstick.

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