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There are many factors that can cause ink crusts, but in the main there are several categories: the dry oil content in the ink is too high; due to temperature; due to prolonged contact with ink and air. Below we will do some analysis separately.

1. The dry oil content in the ink is too high

Such mistakes may occur during the manufacture of the ink or during the printing process. Add desiccant must be added in conjunction with printing conditions and ambient temperature, otherwise the ink will dry (skin) when you do not want to dry. As for the use of desiccants, it is not repeated here.

2. Due to temperature

The crust of ink caused by temperature is mainly caused by high temperature. When the temperature is too high, the activity of unsaturated molecules in the ink increases, especially the part of the surface exposed to air is more likely to be conjunctivally oxidized under the action of oxygen. The high temperatures mentioned here have the following aspects:

a) The ambient temperature is too high. According to our experience, the crusting phenomenon of the ink in the summer is generally much more pronounced than in the winter. If there is no air conditioning in the workshop, it will be more obvious. It is necessary to reasonably control the temperature of the working environment. In general, it is an ideal temperature to control the temperature of the workshop at about 20°C, that is, to ensure the good flowability and transfer performance of the ink, and to control the crust of the ink. A relatively low degree.

b) When the temperature on the machine (such as the ink roller) is too high, the ink will also cause skinning during the printing process. When the contact pressure between the ink roller is too large, the temperature rise is more obvious, and at this time, the ink is likely to appear on the ink fountain and the ink roller.

Accurate adjustment and control of the pressure between the ink rollers is very important to prevent the ink from forming during the printing process.

c) The air leaked from the dryer dries the surface of the ink, or the hot air blows into the ink in the ink fountain.

d) There are also other abnormal temperature rises caused by the machine.

3. Because the ink is exposed to air for a long time

The components of the binder in the ink are capable of undergoing a redox reaction with oxygen in the air. Excessive exposure time in the air is, of course, oxidized and the skinning phenomenon occurs. Generally this kind of crust mainly has the following kinds:

a) The temporarily unused ink is exposed in the air, and a thick oxide film will appear on the surface over time. We will have such experience in the printing factory. When ink is poured out from an ink cartridge or an ink tank, we must keep the surface of the ink as flat as possible. The reason is to minimize the contact between ink and air. Area, so that even if the ink after the conjunctiva is wasted, it will be as small as possible. Then, the remaining ink is re-covered with a protective film to block the contact with the air, which can also effectively prevent the crusting of the ink.

b) When the printer is stopped for a long time, there is no cleaning of the ink path, causing the ink to crust in the ink roller and ink fountain. In the work must pay attention to when a longer period of shutdown, to clean the ink, when the downtime is not very long, you can choose to spray ink on the ink anti-skinning agent.

c) If the ink is not stirred for a long time in the ink fountain, the skinning phenomenon will occur. In the printing process, we often talk about the “three diligence”. The ink in the ink fountain is the most important one. First of all, it can maintain the ink's good fluidity in the ink fountain. Secondly, it can make the surface ink and the internal ink. The ink is often exchanged to avoid the same part of the ink that is in contact with the air. The normalized operation of the ink supply amount adjustment, the basic rule for the ink supply amount adjustment is that the gap between the ink fountain blade and the ink fountain roller is as small as possible, and the rotation angle of the ink fountain roller is as large as possible. Part of the reason for this is based on the above considerations.

d) The structure of the ink roller is not good, resulting in a stagnant part that does not flow. As with b, this also leads to a certain part of the ink being in contact with air all the time, so the crusting is inevitable.

So how to effectively deal with ink crust failure in printing? The following are some of the more common methods for printing operations.

(1) Do not use ink that dries quickly; (2) Add additives such as slow-drying solvents; (3) Replace ink that has deteriorated; (4) Stir in the ink fountain; (5) Set on the ink fountain A closed top cover; (6) Adjust the hot air blow angle. Those who have little knowledge of printing know that when the speed is too fast, the ink concentration is too light, the flow is poor, the ink is thixotropic, or the ink is static, the speed of the printing press is adjusted faster, which prevents the ink from drying on the printing plate in advance and overcomes it. The crust formed by printing and printing ink to form ink, at the same time, it also eliminates the streaks of the graphic.

Water-resistant red anti-counterfeiting labels, also known as water-sensitive warning Anti-Counterfeiting Label or water-sensitive labels, waterproof labels, water discoloration labels. This label material will discolor when completely exposed to water, and the color is irreversible. It is a warranty that is difficult to identify or misidentify or control unqualified products after the current repair service has caused water damage to mobile phones, batteries, electronics, appliances, and LCD products. It is also a legal basis for identifying and providing claims for ocean freight shipments. A new type of product developed. The main function of the water security anti-counterfeit label is to show that when the substrate completely meets water, the surface will become a distinctly different color from the previous one, and it is irreversible, so the changed color may be any other color specified by the customer.


The use of water-proof red labels

The anti-counterfeit label that meets the water red can accurately test the abnormal results when entering the liquid. When an anomaly occurs, it can clearly determine the responsible party and protect the interests of both the business and the consumer. It has a strong sensitivity to humidity and can accurately show the extent of the damp surface. It is mainly used to test the identification of the product into the liquid and can play an aesthetic role. Defining the responsibility for damage to the circuit caused by liquids such as electronics, circuits, batteries, and mobile phones.

Anti-counterfeit label features

1. The main function of the water sense label is to show that when the substrate completely meets water, the surface will become a distinctly different color from the previous one, and it is irreversible. Therefore, the changed color may be any other color specified by the customer.

2, according to the critical moisture of the product after the water is damaged, you can choose to change the color according to the preset relative humidity or only completely discolored when fully immersed in water.

3, there are two main categories of waterproof labels, one is the proliferation of water: When the label is flooded, the original pattern on the label will quickly spread around. The other is water color: When the label is immersed in water, the color of the original label will quickly spread and become completely another preset color.

Can be used for mobile phones, lithium batteries, mp3 and other electronic products in the water red anti-counterfeiting labels. Labels come in various sizes and shapes with water-to-water labels, water-discolored labels, security labels, and waterproof labels.

Water Discoloration Label

Water Discoloration Label

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