CROXFORD08 stylish choice

Too many levels too complicated dress or leave it to the autumn and winter, simple, stylish and stylish is the right attitude! The new season's CROXFORD with simple and powerful structure of the line as the outline, very character apart, with the usual trendy street feeling, but more concise, all with lively color and innovative ideas for the original neutral The design style into the aristocratic temperament. Confident, unruly is the expression from CROXFORD08, will be the perfect interpretation of the personality fashion taste from England. Star giant International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Website: Tel: 021-61610566 (021-61610590) (021-61610552) Fax: 021-61610567 Address: Shanghai Xuhui District 789 are Zhaojiabanglu Yao International Plaza, 16th Floor, Block B, E-mail: [Email protected]

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