Daily Makeup Cheats

1 A foundation that adheres to the skin can make perfect makeup more perfect. The method is very simple. Just put the slightly damp makeup sponge into the refrigerator, and after a few minutes, put a cool sponge on the skin that has been applied to the foundation. You will feel the skin is very refreshing, and the makeup looks particularly refreshing.

2 If you always feel that your hand with an eyebrow pencil is not listening, you cannot draw a satisfactory eyebrow. Try a new try: color your eyebrow pencil on your arm, swipe your eyebrow on the brow, and evenly sweep your eyebrows. You'll be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural and soft makeup effect.

3 Draw a detailed eyeliner may be a big problem for you, in fact it is not difficult, what you have to do is to put your elbows in a fixed place, such as your dressing table, put a small mirror on the table, let the eyes Looking down into the mirror, you can feel free to draw your eyeliner.

4 The eyes are the windows of the soul. Large and bright eyes tend to impress people. You can try to use the white eyeliner to draw the eyeliner and make the eyes look bigger and more vivid.

5 If the eyebrow tweezers become blunt and the eyebrows are very hard to pull out, you can use sandpaper to carefully sharpen the inside of the tweezers and let it continue to function.

6 Please note: Makeup tools must be kept clean. A mild shampoo can be used to clean the makeup brush, and a small amount of conditioner can make the bristles soft at the same time; diluting the detergent with warm water to clean the old eyebrow brush is the best way to quickly restore the eyebrow brush to its original appearance. .

7 wearing glasses will affect your makeup results, if you wear glasses, glasses will enlarge the eyes and make-up, then you are suitable to choose to dull eye color; wear glasses to make the eyes look small, suitable Choose bright colors. In addition, structured eye shadows and neat eyebrows can effectively modify the face.

8 Make-up is completed, spray water spray from the distance from the face of one arm, the makeup can be more durable

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