Degradable plastics standards and test evaluation methods

ASTM G22-87

Standard operating method for testing synthetic polymer materials against bacteria

ASTM G21-90

Standard method for testing synthetic polymer materials against fungi

ASTM D3826-91

Standard Test for Determining the Endpoint of Degradation of Degradable Polyethylene and Polypropylene by Tensile Test

ASTM D5071-91

Photodegradable Plastic Exposure Water Xenon Arc Exposure Standard Operating Rules

ASTM D5152-91

Toxicity test standard for water extracts of degraded plastics residual solids

ASTM D5208-91

Photodegradable Plastic Exposure (Fluorescent) UV and Condensation Meter Standard Operating Rules

ASTM D5209-91

Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradability of Degradable Plastics in Urban Sewage Sludge

ASTM D5210-91

Standard Test Method for Determination of Anaerobic Biodegradability of Degradable Plastics in Urban Sewage Sludge

ASTM D5247-92

Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradability of Degradable Plastics Using Specific Microorganisms

ASTM D5272-92

Photodegradable Plastics Outdoor Exposure Test Standard Rules

ASTM D5338-92

Test method for aerobic biodegradation of degradable plastics under controlled composting conditions

ASTM D5437-93

Standard Rules for Weathering Test of Plastics in Floating Exposure of the Sea

ASTM D5509-96

Standard Rules for Plastics Exposed to Simulated Composting Environments

ASTM D5512-96

Standard rules for exposure of plastics to simulated compost environments using external heaters

ASTM D5951-96

Biodegradability test method for plastics in solid waste

ASTM D6002-96

Standard criteria for evaluating the compostability of environmentally degradable plastics

ASTM D6003-96

Standard rules for residual solids formulated in solid wastes after undergoing toxicity and composting quality tests using biodegradable test methods

JISK 6950-94

Biodegradable plastic test method standard (Japan)


Testing biodegradable plastics biodegradability standard by composting experiment (Germany)

ISO DIS 14851

Test method for biodegradation under aerobic conditions in aqueous media

ISO DIS 14852

Test method for biodegradation under aerobic conditions in aqueous media

ISO CD 14853

Test method for biodegradation rate under anaerobic conditions in aqueous medium

ISO CD 14855

Aerobic biodegradation test method under composting conditions


Determination of Plastics' Behavior under the Action of Fungi and Bacteria - Using Visual Inspection Method or Evaluation Method to Measure Changes in Quality or Properties

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