Fishing game props handmade

Fishing game props handmade
Apply each of the boxes with a variety of pigments, or stick a cardboard on the box. Follow the steps below to make a game appliance.

You need to prepare handmade materials:
Boxes of various sizes paint color paper jam piercing tool Markers foam sheet of foam beads stick wool paperclip

The fishing equipment is coated with paint on the box with water ripples and several slits on the top of the box. Cut the shape of several fish from the color cardboard, use the beads as the eyes of the fish, and simply apply a few patterns on the body of the fish with paint. The fish's fins are stuffed into the slits of the box, and the wool is tied to the sticks to make a fishing rod.
Making a scoreboard first makes a name for the scoreboard, you can draw a star on it , write the letter, and glue it to the top of the box. Then put a few holes in the side of the box, make the team name of the two teams, pass through the wool, and fix the team card to the box. Then make four sets of cards , from 0 to 10, and put a few holes underneath, and then tie them to the box.

More ideas: You can also create other game scenes, such as bowling scenes, playing football, or using the materials provided above, you can use your infinite imagination to create more sports scenes.

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