FMTECH's latest Jackets (female)

Outdoor sports brand--FMTECH further introduced several Jackets after the color knitted compound garments, the first female models Jackets and the function description:

The front and back sides of the Jackets use a streamlined block design to create a more three-dimensional appearance and highlight the lines of the human body. This Jacket has 6 colors, suitable for different people's needs for the selection of colors, all fabrics are used three layers of ultra-light waterproof breathable fabric (surface fabric + waterproof breathable film + knitted fabric).

The combination of a chest waterproof pocket and a waterproof zipper prevents the zipper from leaking into the rain. The simple design increases the aesthetics of the garment.

The large body zipper uses a waterproof zipper, and the doorway uses an innovative permanent magnet fitting design that eliminates the limited use of Velcro. The fitting design of magnets makes the wearing more convenient and concise.

All the interiors of the jackets are affixed with waterproof plastic strips, which cuts off all rainwater infiltration. Allows you to be more closely protected during the rainy season.

Underarm double-opening waterproof zipper and built-in mesh cloth, flexible double-open waterproof zipper, allows you to freely adjust the permeability of different degrees of armpit, built-in mesh fabric design, so that your inner wear will not be exposed, plus Internet-surfing Good air permeability fully meets your cooling needs.

Hats are zippered and can be worn in both rainy and sunny conditions.

The windproof design of the cuffs and hem enhances the warmth and windproof effect of the jacket worn outdoors.

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