Perfume is not only an odor, it represents the different qualities of each person, it is a way of making memories.

Color analysis: Chinese tradition believes that red symbolizes "yang" or power. Women usually associate red with dynamic, extroverted emotions.

Fragrance: When you need charisma and enthusiasm to impress your boyfriend's parents, or when you need courage to ask your boss for a raise, perfumes that evoke positive “red” emotions (confidence, energy, energy) can play a strong role.

Color analysis: Blue contains the meaning of honesty and integrity. Blue also represents the outer space (blue sky, blue sea). If you are attracted by this color, show that you need external and emotional breathing space.

Fragrance Match: A touch of floral or floral blend with oriental flavors is a “blues” fragrance.

Color Analysis: Pick yellow people. Will like to walk on the side of the street where the sun shines. Yellow symbolizes the ability of grace, culture, and the sun to give life to all things. It represents hope, wisdom, creative inspiration, and faith in the bright future. You find that whenever you see yellow. The temperament becomes bright, then you seem to be optimistic, confident, capable and motivated.

Fragrance: If you are faced with major difficulties or plans in your life, you need a little bit of optimism and creative solutions (to deal with a hard-working job, a boyfriend who won't pick up his stinky socks from the ground, and an extremely lack of space Jane's room), all acetaldehyde-containing flowers (artificial scent rather than natural floral essence) can trigger brilliant mood.

Color analysis: love pink, heart full of innocence. Pleasure, femininity, gentleness, sensuality, and meekness are the temperaments associated with this color. No one will fight with a woman wearing pink clothes.

Fragrance: Fruity, floral perfumes can make people feel “pink”, want to meet the opposite sex (participate in party), or any time they want to add a sparkle.

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