Game Manual: Mini Microwave

Game Manual: Mini Microwave
Game Manual: Mini Microwave

Applicable games: Doll home game Applicable age: medium and large class Production materials: waste rectangular box , colored paper, black, red, yellow timely stickers, knives, plastic sealing paper production points: choose a rectangular box, put paper The upper and lower sides of the box are covered with a bright red color sticky note. The left and right sides are yellow and timely, and then a microwave oven door is directly cut in the front of the box for cutting. The middle is cut. Stick with plastic paper, then put the handle on the door, and finally put some vegetables, leeks and buttons on the side of the door.
Design Idea: In daily life, every household has a microwave oven. Every time the child sees that Mom and Dad will use the microwave oven to heat the food, so there is already some experience in its use, so in the doll house game Putting a microwave into the room makes the game truly connected with real life, and the child will get a lot of happiness in the process.
Instructions for use: Children can play the role of a mother when playing games. For example, if a family is eating, if the food is cold, you can take it in the microwave to heat it. Before you heat it, you should look at the button. The button for heating the leek and vegetables is different. Also, pay attention to the heating time. After the food is heated, open the door of the microwave oven and take them out. Also be careful not to get hot.
Toy features: Made from waste paper boxes, easy to use, waste, and save energy. In the production process, you can dig holes and cut directly on the box. No complicated process is required, and the production process is simple and fast. Toys are also relatively image-oriented and easy to operate, suitable for medium and large class children to use in character games.

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