Golden brown smoked and then smashed

This season, the golden brown smoke has come back, and new elements have been added to make the makeup look fresh and bright, with a bright pearl. It not only has a pearl-like brilliance in the makeup effect, but also creates a luxurious golden brown and pink on the theme. Two different shades of pearlescent color. Let's take a look at it together.
Crystal clear golden brown smoky makeup

Golden brown smoked

The smoky makeup that represents alternative, maverick, and self-release is making a comeback. After steaming this summer, the smoky makeup of this autumn and winter, punk in the middle of the smudged retro elegant luxury.
In the face of the skin that has been roasted for a whole summer by the sun, the make-up artist uses the smooth and moisturizing texture and the perfect hiding power of the glamorous face repairing cream, which effectively corrects the skin and unifies the skin. The STYLE Natural Powder (No. 1 or No. 2), which emphasizes natural transparency, is used to make up the skin's natural clearness. Finally, MISSHA (mystery) M charm blush red white in the T area, lower eyelids, chin and other parts, highlighting the overall three-dimensional facial. And the innocent use of THE STYLE neo-magic eye cake (GL203 and GA204) gold-brown tone, to create a deep and charming eyes, enhance the feminine and feminine. Brush the M charm orange red color along the diagonal line from the tip of the nose to the upper part of the ear. Accompanied by the glazed crystal lipstick (PK003), the glittering sweet and attractive luster of the lips will come out. The playful mouth contains mystery. It seems to be noble. It’s wild and it’s wild.
Pink and coral to create a mini makeup

Golden brown smoked

MISSHA strives to perfectly express each of your unique unique charms. This autumn, the pink and coral colors are even hotter, and they have become the secret weapon of the youthful and dazzling cute teachers.
The face of youth is meticulous and flawless. The makeup artist only uses the smooth and moist texture and the perfect fascinating charm and face repairing cream, and the pearlescent effect of THE STYLE natural powder (No. 3) can make the skin clear and supple. Finish the makeup. The brilliance of the eyelids is bright and moving, faintly smearing THE STYLE neon eye color cakes (PK209 and VL206), and using the black THE STYLE eyeliner to outline the moving lines, the oriental women's soft beauty reveals the youthful refreshing spirit. The young smile is the most splendid, with M charm blushing pink and pink in the cheeks of the smiley muscles to create a soft and water-permeable skin. The THE STYLE glamour focus lip gloss (OR001), which shines like a coral, sparkles with a bit of light, creating the most sought-after fruit-like refreshing lips this year with a superb color.

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