Handmade wig set

Handmade wig set
Handmade wig set

Toy name: wig set Applicable game: Barber shop Applicable age: middle shift Production materials: shower cap (or red gauze bag), color paper, double-sided tape, scissors
(1) Provide children with a line of paper with a line that guides the child to cut the paper into strips and then use a double-sided tape to form a paper ring.
(2) Instruct the child to paste the paper ring into the shower cap in order, and ask to stick as close as possible.
Design ideas:
(1) When the business in the barber shop is light, the hairdresser has something to do. Once the game is over, you can continue next time, and you can work together. The effect of the work is obvious and the child is very fulfilled.
(2) Meet the needs of various roles in various regions, such as grandma, sister, mother, fashion girl, etc.
Instructions for use:
The child chooses the right color or hairstyle according to his or her game character.
Toy features:
The image is exaggerated and unique, the color is changeable, the material is easy to prepare, and the fun and operability are strong.

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