Healthy home space indoor plants placed feng shui

Indoor plants are common home furnishings . It not only injects more beautiful colors into the space, but also makes the indoor living room more healthy. The decoration method also needs to be carefully studied, because it directly affects the home feng shui and is related to the fierceness of the family fortune . Kyrgyzstan, in order to create a healthy home , look at how indoor plants place feng shui .

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Before entering the home, the first is the gate. The gate is also the area where the green plants are often placed. If the stairs are used, you can use the sword leaf red and the fishtail. Brown bamboo phlegm. Place it at the opposite end. Another example is the balcony window, which can be used for clams, roses, jade eucalyptus, or potted cucurbits.

Because the entrance is the area where the family visitors get the first impression after entering the room, the indoor plants placed play an important role. Large-scale plants plus lighting, shaped trees and blooming orchid potted plants are all suitable for the entrance. In addition, between the entrance and the living room, it is conceivable to arrange the same kind of plants in order to connect the two spaces. The porch is placed on the plants, the indoor environment is greened, the anger is increased, and the singer is more sturdy. However, it must be noted that plants placed in the porch should be dominated by evergreen plants that retain leaves. For example, iron trees, rich trees, golden geese, and leaves. Barbed plants such as cactus and roses, rhododendrons, etc. should not be placed at the entrance to avoid damaging the feng shui there, and the porch plants must be kept evergreen. If there is any yellow, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

The living room usually has a large space, and it can put some large-scale ornamental green plants and bouquets. It is relatively lively and lively, and the air is also relatively circulated. The living room is the most common space for indoor plants in the family. Visually, the most expensive plants should be placed in the living room. The living room plants are mainly used to decorate the furniture. The high and low plant state is used to coordinate the monotonous straight line of the home. To configure the plants, the first thing to focus on is the decorative beauty. Too much is not only messy, but also poorly grown. The choice of plants must pay attention to the size of the mix. In addition, it should be placed against the wall and does not hinder the movement of the residents. The placement of plants from the living room can also reflect the personality characteristics of the owner: the feathery leaves of the ferns give a sense of intimacy; the goose down texture makes the people gentle; the iron sea otters show the stems of hard and spiny, which makes them respectful; The bamboo shape reflects the character of perseverance; the orchid has a quiet and aromatic character, and the temperament of the plant is in harmony with the character of the owner and the indoor atmosphere.

The layout of the living room should avoid placing scattered green plants or ordinary ornamental flowers scattered on the windowsill, fireplace and TV in the living room. Careful selection of plant types can make a difference in the interior; for example, the use of hanging baskets and vine plants can make the room too high; the lower rooms can use the neat, straight plants to make the room look taller. Small leaves and branches with curved branches make the narrow room look wide.

The bedroom pursues an elegant, quiet and comfortable atmosphere with plants inside to help improve the quality of rest and sleep. Jasmine, hyacinth, or night scented plants that emit a sweet smell can make you fall asleep in the natural aroma. Plants such as Clivia, Golden Ginger, and Wenzhu are soft and can relax nerves. The medium of the plant plants in the bedroom can be replaced with sphagnum moss to keep the room clean.

In the spacious bedroom, you can choose a large stand-up potted plant: a smaller one, you can choose a hanging potted plant; or put the plant on a beautiful basin and put it on the window sill or dressing table.

The restaurant is a place for family reunion and is located close to the kitchen, making it easy to water. Some potted plants with open flowers, such as begonias and Christmas flowers, can add a cheerful atmosphere, or put the color-changing hanging pot plants on wooden partition cabinets to separate the restaurant from other functional areas. Modern people pay great attention to the cleanliness of the dining area. Therefore, it is best to plant the plants with sterile culture soil.

In addition, when the restaurant plants are placed, it should be noted that the growth of the plants should be good and the shape must be low, so as not to hinder the relatives from talking and talking. Suitable plants are: saffron, cyclamen, four seasons begonia, ivy, etc., but in the restaurant, avoid plants with excessive odor, such as hyacinth.

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