Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that can replace wooden packaging

The main products of the Triton Group - 1300G 7th Floor and 850G 5th Floor Heavy Duty Corrugated Paperboard, comply with the U.S. federal standard PPP-B-640d, the railway standard Rule41, the truck standard Rule222 and the relevant government standards of 42 countries in the world. The use of this product has the following advantages over other packaging materials, especially wood packaging:

Reduce packaging costs; Easy to recycle, protect the environment; Easy to assemble; Operate safely; Reduce working time; Light weight, can save freight; Can store at high stacking; Can seal the package; Suitable for many national standards; Strong moisture resistance; Signs; no fumigation treatment; can be printed on the surface of the box; can be made into extra-large size packaging; can be stacked during packaging and transportation;

Many customers who use wood and other packaging use the packaging solutions provided by our company, the overall logistics cost has dropped by an average of 10% to 40%, and the protective performance of the products has been enhanced, thus providing the realization of the value of customer products. Strong protection.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

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