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The mirror provokes a third party , the mirror in the home, which is best placed on the inside of the wardrobe door. From our look to the closet, behind the right hand side door, where the mirror is ideal.

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Murderer 1. mirror

The mirror provokes a third party

The mirror in the home is best placed on the inside of the closet door. From our look to the closet, behind the right hand side door, where the mirror is ideal. When you need to look in the mirror, open the closet door and close it when you are finished. The advantage of this arrangement is that the mirror in the home does not [exposure]. What effect does the mirror have on the wind?

The mirror is gold, and the mirror is placed, which has the greatest impact on the couple. The mirror of the master room is reflected in the owner's bed, especially the mirror reflection on the bedside, which means that the couple is not in the neck and even has a third party. In the couple's room, placing the mirror is not encouraged. The mirror often represents a prosperous one more star, or a prosperous wife star, regardless of whether the prosperous star or the wife star, are unfavorable to marriage. Therefore, whether the couple is asking for gold or not, it is very dangerous to pose in the bedroom.

How to put a mirror is a good feng shui

If there is a Dressing Table in the room, you must also put a mirror. One of the solutions can be replaced by a table mirror. When you take it, take it out of the drawer and put it back in the drawer after the photo is finished. Another method is to add a curtain in front of the mirror after loading the mirror, pull it open when needed, and pull it up when not needed. However, there is still another kind of mirror in the room, called [dark mirror], which is a dark mirror, which is unknown. What is it? It is a TV set!

Murderer 2. TV set

When the TV is not watching, it will reflect the shadow of the bed, and it will become a mirror in disguise. Everyone should be careful, although you have avoided the mirrors of all the bedrooms, but did not notice that the original TV is also a mirror. Televisions often create third parties and unfavorable marriages. From Feng Shui, it is not encouraged to put a TV set in the bedroom, the reason is that the TV is also a mirror. However, many people put TV sets in their bedrooms. In addition to the convenience of watching TV, and because TV is a fire, couples want to fire, they like to put a TV set in the room. If both of them avoid fire, they should not have this display.

How to put a TV set is a good feng shui

It is best not to correct the bed, of course, should be as close as possible. Alternatively, a beautiful cloth can be placed on the TV to prevent reflections. This method is the safest to avoid the TV screen reflecting the shadow of the big bed. The mirror is placed in the bathroom, but it should be golden. In general, the mirror in the bathroom is inevitable and irresistible. But if there are too many mirrors, be careful.

Killer 3. Locker mirror

Some lockers are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and often have mirrors on the inner walls of the cabinets, resulting in many dark mirrors in the house. If gold is required, it will be unfavorable.

If there are many mirrors in the hall, the reflection of the mirror will cause many shadows in front of the eyes when passing by at night. It will make people feel uneasy and mentally disturbed, and they will be affected by disguise. Therefore, the mirror should be handled with care, especially the mirror in the hall can not be reflected to the kitchen stove, otherwise the stove will become two stoves, and the third party will appear in the family immediately. The culprit is a mirror!

4. Room, bed, five lines of rushing peaches

The five Beds of the room and the bed are full of enthusiasm, and the time will last forever.

In practice, I have seen a lot of couples who have a third party in marriage and found that one of the two characters must have a strong peach blossom. If you observe his home or office, you will be able to find out the layout of the storm. In fact, the third party can not only blame the third party, but often the husband and wife themselves have problems. Coupled with the improper layout of Feng Shui, it has further promoted the prosperity of peach blossoms. Otherwise, good couples and feng shui, how can the third party get involved? It must be that you open the door to the third party. See if you are like this?

First open the chart (eight characters) to find out the five elements of the "His God" and "His God" and the orientation of the peach blossoms, and then check the orientation of the peach blossom in your room, whether the bed and the hit five elements are happy, if not hi If you use it, you should avoid the position of God. Then you should adjust it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will last for a long time.
Five lines of recipe bits, attributes, colors

Oriental: A, B, Alder, Green, South: Bingding, noon fire red

West: Geng Xinshen Jin Jinbai North: Yu Haizi water black blue

Central: Chen Yuwu has a yellow earth

The popular feng shui peach blossom position is: the four-position of the 卯 酉 酉 ,, which is Zhengdong, Zhengnan, Zhengxi, and the north.

(Most people's fate is one or two of the above orientations, the use of peach blossoms and orientation, and some lives are five other peach blossom stars, which vary from person to person)

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