Home store sample furniture is popular, industry insiders reminded to beware of defective products

Recently, the reporter bought a new one. The reporter recently found that the furniture samples are very popular. Many samples hang out the “sample sold” brand (pictured). Many consumers who want to buy samples even queue up for an appointment. Why are they keen on scouring samples?

Sample furniture into a hot commodity

"My family is anxious to add a small table. Can you sell this sample to me?" "Sorry, the sample was sold during the May Day, but the customer did not request delivery."

This kind of dialogue happened yesterday in the store of a brand of furniture in the home of Wuchang. The reporter turned around in the store, dining table, coffee table, shoe cabinet, single-door wardrobe, 1 meter 8 double bed and other furniture, all attached to the "sample has been sold" paper.

In these few days, the reporter visited a total of seven furniture stores including Xu Dongya Yada, Xudong Street Home, Hankou Changqing Home, Friendship Avenue Jinsheng International Home, and each of them sold sample furniture.

Cheap and environmentally friendly

The price is cheap, the furniture is "open" for a long time, and it is the main reason why customers are keen on the sample. "This is a money-saving strategy." Miss Chen, who lives in a certain district of Qinyuan Road, just bought furniture in April this year, and is also a sample of Amoy. She said that from the beginning of the renovation, she had the idea of ​​buying solid wood furniture, but now the price of solid wood furniture is very expensive, and some brands have a solid wood bed of 10,000 yuan. The salesperson told her to buy a new product for 20% off, the sample can be used for 50%, and finally she bought the whole room furniture, saving more than 20,000 yuan.

In Ouyada, near the Hankou Railway Station, the citizen Li said that he bought the samples not for the sake of cheapness, but that the samples were placed here for a few months or even more than a year. The formaldehyde was less, and the taste was long. Dissipated, buy back and no longer have to worry about the taste.

No refund, no change is the overlord clause

If you buy sample furniture, do you have to worry about formaldehyde? Experts from the Wuhan Building Decoration Association reminded that the taste of the sample is definitely smaller and the formaldehyde content may be reduced. However, if the material itself does contain formaldehyde, it will not be exhausted in the short term, and consumers should pay attention to prevention. The sample is suitable for consumers who are eager to use furniture.

A senior shopping guide recommended to sell furniture for 6 years in Wuhan. Special attention should be paid to the purchase of samples. Pay particular attention to the tightness of the edge of the furniture panel, side and back panel. Since the samples are often opened by customers, hardware such as hinges and locks may also wear out and become "defective".

What should I do if there is a problem with the sample? Almost all stores said that the samples will not be returned after sale, but they can be guaranteed. However, the Wuhan Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce said that according to the law, the sample is treated as a normal commodity, and the so-called non-return is the overlord clause, and consumers can complain.

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