How about the Australian shellfish? Aobei toy introduction

[Reuters] Foreign toys O Pui toy factory which is home? Is the Aobei toy good? I still remember that the 2015 double eleven toy hot list is not, auby is famous on the list, ranking fifth. What about the Australian Bay?

2015 double 11 toy hot list
Auby Aubay is actually a domestic brand. The baby brand of Guangdong Aofei Animation Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. In the past ten years, Auby has sold 20 million products in China, accompanying countless babies to grow up happily.

Aobei Toys focuses on the early childhood education toys of 0-3 years old baby. Its star crawling explosions and ducklings have become the champions of all major e-commerce sales. In addition, toys such as bed bells and rattles are also deeply loved by parents. The development of the brand concept of China's baby's best growth partner.
In fact, the reputation of Aobei is so loud that the contribution of the mother-in-law Peng Liyuan to the Aobei toy is not small. On June 1st International Children's Day 2013, Mrs. Xi Jinping, Peng Liyuan, when she visited the special children of the Mentally Handicapped Children's Association in Trinidad and Tobago, she presented the toys as children's day gifts to the children of the association, including the products of Aofei Animation. Aube toy. After that, the Aobei toy became famous and went out of the country.
The quality of toys can not only be seen by brands, but more importantly, whether it is suitable for babies, not to mention that many famous brands such as Lego and Mattel have had many safety problems. Therefore, as parents, we should choose suitable toys instead of Follow the brand blindly.
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