How much is the thickness of the overall wardrobe door? How to determine the size?

[Network] [Chinese wardrobe Chinese wardrobe network] when we buy furniture, wardrobes must not be a lack of, in the course of our purchases, in addition to the selection of species as a whole wardrobe, the whole wardrobe door size choice, but also we need to consider of. How much is the thickness of the overall wardrobe door? How to determine the size, if you want to know the answer, just look down.

(1) The depth of the whole wardrobe door is generally 55-60 cm.

If the space is not particularly tight, the overall wardrobe door is recommended to choose a depth of 60 cm, and the charges for the 55 and 60 cm manufacturers are the same, but the feeling of hanging clothes is different.

(2) The width of the door of the whole wardrobe is 45-60 cm.

The width of the whole wardrobe sliding door is between 60-80 cm; the pressure capacity of the hinge is not as good as the track, so the door panel should not be too wide or too heavy for the case.

Wardrobe door design

(3) The height of the overall wardrobe hanging coat is 140 cm.

It has been proved by practice that the longest hanging gown is not as high as 140 cm, the long down jacket is 130 cm, and the suit is 120 cm long after being stored and bagged. In the previous design version, this height should be between 140-160 cm. I better still be able to do just the right thing. Unlike the storage space, it is wasteful to leave more space.

(4) The height of the hanging top is between 85 and 95 cm.

The height of the overall wardrobe is 90 cm, and the space is fully utilized. If you want to be a little looser, the whole wardrobe door can be added up to 95 cm.

(5) The overall wardrobe door requirements for children

The size of the overall wardrobe door for children is: 1200*600*2100mm. The size of the three-door wardrobe door is: 1856*600*2150mm. The size of the two-door wardrobe door is: 1800*630*2200mm. The size of the overall wardrobe door is: 1400*600*2000mm. When you buy a bedroom sliding door wardrobe, you can see its size according to the number of doors.

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