How perfume matches fashion

Perfume is also the soul of the interpretation of clothing styles, "wearing perfume" is like choosing your own clothing. In order to understand fragrances, we must first understand the different ambiences of scent type and fine scent type. We can choose the most suitable scent according to our personality, style, age, environment, season and personal mood.

Flavors can be roughly divided into five categories: floral, Cypriot, dry, ambergris, and fern. These fragrances have different styles. The floral style is romantic and gentle; the Cypriot style is simple, fresh and subtle; the dry-scented style is more neutral and the fragrance has a slightly “hard” feel; the ambergris type is an “Oriental” style, mature and noble. , rich; fern flavor style refreshing, elegant, but also more suitable for men's life use. So how does the fragrance match the dress?

If your figure is suitable for wearing a straight-cut style, such as classical, natural, juvenile or avant-garde type of dress, you can choose Hanpolus perfume, with a neutral floral, fruity, green It is mainly dried and dried. It gives you a fresh, crisp, and unconstrained modernity and shows your unique charm.

If you are suitable for a curve-cut style, like those that look romantic and elegant, then choosing a floral fragrance is more than enough. Young girls are suitable for simple floral, green fragrance-based perfume, reflecting a relaxed, lively, elegant, elegant feeling; mature women are suitable for a variety of floral harmony with the aroma or acetaldehyde aldehyde added Fragrance expresses romance, sensuality and mystery, exudes fascinating charm.

If you are suitable to wear bright, atmospheric and even exaggerated clothes, such as theatrical costume, then the amber-type is the best choice, with animal-like, oriental-like, and inter-forest-based aromas, it can demonstrate confident, restrained exotic. Mood.

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