How to deal with the moisture absorption expansion deformation of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood. It has many advantages such as moisture insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation and warmth, warm winter and cool summer, strong elasticity and comfortable foot. Today, most consumers have recognized the superiority of solid wood flooring in a variety of living room materials. For solving the problem of moisture absorption expansion and deformation of solid wood flooring, the following three treatment methods are listed here:

A. Ground moisture-proof treatment method: generally adopt “three oil and two felts” (three layers of asphalt and two layers of linoleum paper, and then apply a layer of cement on top to prevent the release of harmful gas); the simple treatment method is to lay a layer of moisture-proof film.

B. Balance the expansion of the plate by installation: some add a layer of wool on the keel, some installation requires a gap of 0.2mm wide between the plates, and some require that the four corners of the room have a flap to facilitate the release of moisture, some requirements There are springs in the expansion joints of the wall-side floor, some use aluminum alloy keels, and some adopt rail-type wooden floor installation methods.

C. The moisture-proof treatment method of the plate: the back plate is painted, waxed, coated with aluminum and platinum, and the plastic is coated with nanotechnology.

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