How to match jewelry with facial features

The facial features mentioned here are not absolutely referring to the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and ears, but also include facial features such as cheekbones and neck.

The women with beautiful appearance are not very limited in wearing jewelry. If you choose to wear a stack of hard round collars, you will set a beautiful appearance and make it more outstanding.

In addition to matching with clothing, jewelry can also play a role in disguising itself and highlighting its own advantages. Therefore, wearing jewelry has a lot to do with body size.

Those who are tall, thin, and flat on the chest, such as wearing a layered necklace with a richly patterned structure or a large and elegant brooch, will cover the flat chest. The accessories of the hand should be mainly thick; It is not advisable to tie a short necklace tightly around the neck, which will highlight your tall figure.

Small and slim women are suitable for wearing small and concise jewellery. Never avoid necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and belts.

People with small size should try to wear some shoes with heels. The accessories on the neck and hands are best avoided. Try to wear some earrings, rings, and hair accessories. They should be small and exquisite; if you must wear a necklace , you should choose some fine metal chain, it is appropriate to wear without falling.

As for the obese and oversized females, they should choose a necklace with a long hanging pendant and a length of 60-70 centimeters. This will form a “V” pattern on the chest, which will to a certain extent Makes you look slim.

If your cheekbones are tall, then the earrings should be fine, preferably beaded or round, so that the facial contours appear softer.

For people with mediocre and unattractive features, the focus should be on distracting people's attention when selecting accessories. If you wear a necklace that is bright and equipped with a large overhang, it will be able to play well. effect.

People with imperfect noses and chins should not choose to wear large and colorful earrings, because they will highlight the weaknesses in this area.

The lady who wears glasses should pay attention to the lining of the jewellery. Be careful, because no matter how plain your glasses are, the glass always shines. Therefore, it is best to wear only a pair of clean earrings or a bracelet. Must not wear earrings, but also wear necklaces, bracelets, brooches and so on.

If a slightly loose double chin grows or if the neck muscles are wrinkled, it is best to wear a large, ear-mounted earring to shift people's attention to other parts of the face.

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