Hublot watches witness the 2016 European Championship of the King's battle

Beijing time in the early morning of July 11, 2016, the French European Cup in Europe ushered in the focus of the two teams at the French Grand Prix in Paris in 2016, the French team against Portugal at home, although the final outcome of the game in the last second of the key To be sure, Hublot has long been the world's spotlight on the pitch for the entire European Cup, which is the exclusive glory of Hublot. The key moment of each game, the audience's eyes are locked in the fourth referee timing card, indicating that overtime Hublot referee timing card will undoubtedly become the focus of the audience. Of the 69 goals scored in the group stage, 20 were in the final 15 minutes and overtime. Of the 1/8 and 1/4 finals, 9 of the 34 goals were also completed in the last minutes of the game. The key goal to help Portugal win the finals also came from the second half of overtime. Hublot, the official chronograph and official watch of the 2016 European Championship of France, has been involved in top football matches and leagues since 2006, creating a unique advantage for the world's most popular sporting event Exclusive watch. To commemorate the close cooperation with the European Cup for three consecutive years, gave birth to the football Big Bang Unico retrograde chronograph watch, the European Cup also grand release in early 2016. Big Bang Unico retrograde chronograph everywhere charm of the football to the fifteenth European Cup host France as a source of color inspiration, blue crocodile leather strap lined with natural rubber, and with red and white stitching, limited edition Collection of 100. Its 45 mm diameter black ceramic case features a One-Click quick-change strap mechanism for easy wearer replacement of the strap. Hublot referee timing card is also officially involved in the European Cup competition. The timepiece will be used by the fourth referee to record the overtime and show the substitutions. Since entering the European Cup in 2008, referee time-cards, custom made by Hublot, have become an integral part of major events. For different events, the chronograph is also given a multi-dimensional design to highlight the unique charm of each football match. The European Cup has always been a strong team of participating teams and the outcome of the game known for its suspense overlying. Fierce fighting is always the most crucial in the last few minutes of the event, and the audience is absorbed in nervousness. Experts said that this phenomenon is both related to physical reasons, but also out of strategic considerations. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, explains this trend that has drawn so much attention from viewers and the media that "nearly 65% ​​of the time since the European Cup in France The ball occurred in the second half.About 30% of the goals occurred in the last 15 minutes, of which half occurred in overtime.The last half-hour of the European Cup is the most productive, almost half of the goals are in the final race 30 minutes, stoppage time or overtime, meaning the players are getting tired as the game is coming to an end, but the pressure to score more and more makes the final minutes of the game better Highlight the team's strategic and player's fighting spirit. " Seems to have all the biggest spots in the 2016 European Cup all fall at the last moment of the game. Exciting events, changes in the scores of the last minutes, each time the ball has become the key, key players are much to be expected, just wait for the moment blooming talent, Hublot's fourth referee timing card also a matter of course to become the focus of the stadium . The Hublot referee chronograph card features the iconic look of the Hublot Big Bang while achieving the perfect timing. It has become a highlight of the 2016 European Cup. But as Pierre Dac, the French humorist, puts it, "As long as the beginning has not ended completely, then the end will not really be done." The battle for the king in the shades is over for the time being However, the Hublot love of football never stops, looking forward to the passion of "Yu-ship love football" in 2018 the Russian World Cup continue to burn! Technical Parameters Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph · European Cup Serial number 413.CX.7123.LR.EUR16, limited edition of 100 Case "Big Bang Unico" Collection-45 mm dia Satin polished black ceramic Bezel satin black ceramic, H-shaped titanium screws Sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating Lugs black synthetic resin Crown black natural rubber, satin titanium Button covered white and black titanium natural rubber Table black ceramic back, engraved "100 NUM" limited number Sapphire coated anti-reflective coating and the 2016 European Cup of France logo Multi-faceted dial blue and white Movement Hublot production UNICO HUB1261 self-winding double reverse central chronograph column wheel movement Power reserve for about 72 hours Waterproof depth of 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater Strap Blue crocodile lined with black natural rubber, red and white stitching Clasp special black titanium folding clasp

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