Ink caused by the common printing failure resolution of the paper

6. Pulling paper

Phenomenon and reason: Pulling the paper hair means that the ink and the paper cannot be well adapted to each other. Pulling up the fibers of the paper surface, the pattern marks appear white spots. The reason for the generation of naps is that due to the looseness of the paper fiber structure, the following causes are caused by the ink:
(1) The ink viscosity is too strong.
(2) Ink flow is too small.
(3) Add too much dry oil, so that the ink becomes thicker and thicker. The viscosity of the ink is too high or too thick (too much dry oil, and thickening occurs) The cohesive force is large, and the tension on the blanket when the ink is transferred to the paper also increases, if the cohesion between the paper fibers (Coupling force) is less than the cohesion between the ink, the paper fiber structure will be destroyed and pull paper phenomenon appears.

(1) The viscosity of the ink is too strong, and can be increased by using Kangbang and Vaseline to change the ink viscosity.
(2) The ink is too thick and has poor fluidity, and can be diluted with No. 6 varnish.
(3) Too much dry oil or the ink becomes sticky and thick, and it can be properly added to solve the new ink.
(4) If the ink is adjusted after the ink has been adjusted and the phenomenon of pulling the paper is still serious, it can be solved by overprinting the white oil.

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