Ink skin phenomenon analysis

The crust formed during the normal ink storage process and the crust that appears during the printing process often bring many troubles to the operator of the printing company and the printing machine, such as the reduction of the printing cost and the decrease of the quality of the printing product. The ability to effectively control the crusting of ink before printing and during the printing process is of great significance to printing companies.

The so-called ink crust refers to: due to normal temperature oxidation, infiltration, evaporation, evaporation and other drying, resulting in packaging printing ink in the storage or printing process, the surface layer and air contact, vegetable oil oxidation or organic solvent volatilization, resulting in the ink system Gels formed by polymerization, etc. When the concentration of printing ink is increased to a certain value, the surface is covered with a layer of molecules. Even if additional solvent or grease is used to reduce the concentration of ink, the surface that has been skinned (gel) may not be able to Accommodate more molecules.

When the ink skinning phenomenon is serious, it will have a great influence on the stability of the printing cost. According to calculations, the lighter wastes 1%, and the weight is nearly 4%. This tangible consumption has added a heavy economic burden to packaging and printing companies. Secondly, the impact on the quality of printed products cannot be ignored. When the ink is crusted in the printing process, the ink skin will be distributed to various parts of the ink transport under the effect of rolling, which will have a great influence on the normal ink flow. At the same time, when the ink skin sticks to the printing roller, it will Makes a sudden change in the density of the plate; when the ink is transferred to the printing plate and the blanket, it will cause a ring-shaped mark on the print; when the ink skin adheres to the water roller, it will make the water transfer. Abnormally, dirt appears; the ink stick may also adhere directly to the surface of the paper.

From the above we can see that it is necessary to prevent and handle the crusting of ink. So how does the crust phenomenon of ink appear?

As we mentioned above, the phenomenon of ink skinning is an oxidative conjunctiva phenomenon of the binder in the ink. The mechanism of the conjunctiva is the same as the mechanism of the ink drying. It is also affected by factors such as temperature, humidity, oxygen in the air, and desiccant content in the ink. Simply put, the skinning phenomenon of the ink is actually an oxidized conjunctiva of the ink we do not want to see (because we do not want the conjunctiva to appear conjunctiva).

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