Lancome water edge soothing series new packaging listed in August

Listed in China for 12 years

No one can stay in the high-end cosmetics moisturizing soothing champion

The concept of moisturizing and soothing "Zen" conveyed by Lancome's Moisture Soothing Series is deeply loved by Chinese women. The first time that many Chinese women and Lancome Lancome are holding hands is the water. The water edge series has achieved great success in China. Among the hydrating products in the high-end cosmetics market in China, the water edge series has been ranked first in the past years. From 1999, the first water edge cream was born, which opened the classic biography of water. In 2000, the moisture-soothing series essence, mask and night cream were listed one after another, and the water edge was Lancome Lancome moisturizing star; 2006 In the year, Lancome Lancome took inspiration from the latest discoveries in neurocosmology and created the Moisture Soothing series, which further enhanced the soothing and moisturizing function. In 2007, the moisture-loving series of gels, lotions and eye creams were born, water The Yuanshuyue family is now fully presented; in 2009, the water edge Shuyue Cream was launched, creating the legend of “Summer Cream”.

To this day, the Lancome Lancome Moisture Soothing Series brings this pink water power to Chinese women again in a new, more hydrated and moisturizing style, giving the skin a comprehensive care.

"Eternal Wood" Moringa Essence

Working with French Rose and Chinese Jasmine to make skin hydrated and pure

Over the years, Lancome has been paying close attention to the beauty needs of Asian women and is committed to discovering the beauty of women from the inside out. In 2011, the Lancome Lancome Global R&D Center once again proved that environmental pollution can weaken the skin's defense system and cause dry and dehydrated skin. Nowadays, women all over the world are facing environmental pollution and skin damage. Since the surface of the skin is often exposed to dust particles (also known as primary pollution), when these substances penetrate the epidermis, the original healthy skin will suffer further damage. For example, if some components in the polluted air come into contact with ultraviolet light, they will release oxidants and cause deep damage to the skin (such pollution is called secondary pollution). Studies have shown that the skin's defense system is vulnerable to pollution. Contaminants can weaken the defense of the epidermis, reduce the skin's moisture retention, causing dryness and further discomfort.

More and more urban pollution and environmental pressures make women who are busy in the city often have a dull skin and a lack of moisture. In the long run, dry lines become fine lines and accelerate the production of wrinkles. Therefore, in order to help the skin isolate the increasingly serious pollution damage in the urban environment, Lancome Lancome Global R&D Center has launched a new moisture-soothing series for modern women's current skin troubles – adding “Eternal” on the basis of the original French Rose and Shangri-La Jasmine. The wood "Horsewood essence.

Looking back on 2009, Lancome Lancome first revealed four major beauty problems for Asian women – external stress, mood swings, environmental pollution and lack of sleep. Faced with four major beauty problems, Chinese women have long been eager to have the most professional and comprehensive skin care solutions. In order to solve the problem of Chinese women's skin, Lancome Lancome has upgraded its water-soothing soothing formula to fight against the four beautiful beauty, and let Chinese women regain their purity and freshness.

3 large natural precious plant formulas

Skin is condensed all day long

"King of Flowers" French Rose + Mudanpi

"After the flower" Yunnan Shangri-La Jasmine

"Eternal Wood" Moringa Essence

"King of Flowers" French Rose - Moisturizing Soothing

For centuries, rose essence has been used in rose water for skin care and maintenance. Now, scientific research has confirmed that rose essence can effectively fight inflammation, soothe skin, reduce erythema and prevent dehydration. At the same time, rose essence can also prevent the release of the neurotransmitter CGRP, thereby alleviating the skin discomfort caused by it; while the peony bark is another iconic flower in Asian culture, the combination of French rose essence and peony bark can fight substance P* It increases the activity of Langerhans cells and protects the skin's immune system.

"After the flower" Yunnan Shangri-La Jasmine - turbidity and pressure

The white jasmine extract from Yunnan, China, is completely derived from pure natural jasmine without any modification, which can effectively strengthen the skin's natural defense system. It is particularly worth mentioning that the white jasmine extract protects the Langerhans cells from UV rays. At the same time, the substance is also an effective antioxidant that prevents the skin from causing inflammation due to free radicals. .

"Eternal Wood" Moringa Essence - Isolation Pollution

Moringa extract is native to India and is hailed by Western scientists as the “tree of miracles”. Because Moringa extract is rich in plant-active peptides and antioxidants, it provides magical anti-oxidation and purification effects to the skin, protecting it from dirt and attack, and helping the skin of urban diseases to eliminate dirt.

Combining leading technology in neurocosmology

Relieve internal and external skin pressure and solve dry skin problems

Based on years of in-depth understanding and exploration of the skin barrier, Lancome Lancome strives to discover the intrinsic link between internal and external stress and the skin's neuroimmune system. Lancome Lancome found that stress can weaken the skin's defense system and cause dryness and lack of water. The specific ways of action are as follows:

When the body is under stress, the nerve endings will release substance P and CGRP and other neurotransmitters; but weather, pollution, air conditioning and other external factors may also interfere with the skin's defense barrier, causing dehydration of the skin.

The skin's nervous system and immune system interact through the functional association between Langerhans cells and various neurotransmitters. When the skin's nervous system is under pressure, it acts on the immune system at the same time. Substance P reduces the activity of Langerhans cells; whereas CGRP inhibits the release of antigen from Langerhans cells to T-lymphocytes.

External stimuli, blocked natural barriers, dry skin and lack of water are all signs of stress on the skin. Therefore, the Lancome Lancome Global R&D Center uses this as a basis to continuously explore how cells react when they receive pressure substances. Researchers have found that adrenaline can increase the secretion of keratinocyte maturation enzymes, which in turn affects the homeostasis of skin barrier renewal. Not only that, but the R&D center also complements the University of California research, further confirming that when the body is stressed, the time required for skin barrier repair will be three times normal.

24-hour all-day moisturizing effect:

The R&D center selected 24 Asian women to test, and through the Corneometer Technique, it was confirmed that the Moisture Soothing Series has a strong moisturizing effect 24 hours a day.

Effective anti-pollution protection

Through the test of 20 Asian women, the ability of the moisture soothing series to resist pollution was confirmed. The carbon dust indicator is the main evaluation standard for urban pollutants and is easy to adsorb on the skin surface. Tests have confirmed that the moisture soothing series can provide better protection for the skin and increase its anti-pollution ability by 19%.

Asian women witness the multiple benefits of water

Researchers tested 100 women with sensitive skin. Each woman uses the water-edge product twice a day. After four weeks, the results of the satisfaction survey show that the moisture-soothing series has a very significant effect.

Skin is more comfortable 91%

Skin is more hydrated 90%

Skin is softer 88%

Skin is fuller 88%

Skin is not tight 78%

Skin is more relaxed 75%

Skin texture improved 75%

Product performance is satisfactory 95%

Product quality is satisfactory 90%

Skin silky and warm 80%

Skin is refreshed 70%

All Lancome products are subject to strict quality and safety control procedures. The Moisture Soothing range is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

The new packaging is more delicate and moist

Soothing, smooth texture

In 2011, the Lancome Lancome Moisture Soothing series was upgraded with new packaging. At the same time, the “active” fragrance developed by extracting plant and fruit extracts helps soothe the skin and relieve stress: the data shows that the fragrance can reduce stress and fatigue by 25 %; at the same time increase comfort and health by 25%. The fragrance is called Lyashi, which means “soothing”. It is extracted from plant extracts such as rose and jasmine. It is also mixed with apple, peach and other fruity notes. It is wrapped in wood and musk, releasing a unique fragrance.

Inspiration and creativity from aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the science of studying the effects of aroma on thoughts and emotions. Through systematic diagnosis and treatment, this delicate, feminine and harmonious female fragrance has a remarkable soothing effect; and it can restore the natural balance of female skin through relaxation and soothing, and reproduce the softness, brightness and tranquility that the skin should have.

Lancome Lancome Moisture Soothing Series has a silky smooth moist texture that leaves your skin feeling soft and moist, like the petals in the morning light, sparkling with crystal luster. With a soft and smooth texture, a refreshing refreshing, pure and crystal clear, the moisture soothing series can improve mood, relax skin and reproduce the beauty of nature. The color of the pale pink product makes the water edge full of the beauty of the woman, and the skin feels peaceful and peaceful as never before. The essence is like a gel, giving the skin a fresh, moisturizing look. The cream is fresh and non-greasy, nourishing the skin. Effectively enhances the skin's barrier protection, giving the skin a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

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