Longines quartz watch water how to repair it

Longines is a famous Swiss watch brand, each a Longines watch, are carefully crafted by Longines craftsmen. Watch water is one of the common watch failure, even the watch, but also because of the main table wear improper and lead to water. So, Longines quartz watch water how to repair it. Here's a professional technician from Revers to introduce. 1, in general, can make the watch movement into the water only three places: the table handle (table), watch Mongolia and the back cover. Waterproof devices are also installed in these three: the first handle plus apron, seals, handle and other parts of the screw cap on the edge of the back of the apron, and the table Mongolia tight. 2, with these designs, the watch will be waterproof. But whether the watch can be forever. Absolutely waterproof? No. Originally designed according to the requirements of the water is absolutely waterproof, but because we have to clock every fat. 3, but also often allocated for a long time, the waterproof ring will be subject to wear and have gaps, the sweat on our hands neck will erode the back of the waterproof apron, even if there is no sweat corrosion, apron itself over time To aging and loose. As for the table cast and table light is not a class of material, shrinkage expansion coefficient is not the same, over time also have tiny gaps. 4, all of these, are likely to penetrate the watch movement, but the water is minimal. Many watch wearers because there is no knowledge of watch maintenance, Longines watches go to the water method and Tissot mechanical watches water treatment methods are more or less the same. 5, Longines quartz watch into the water, the small pieces of calcium chloride or silica gel can be directly wrapped with gauze; then watch the watch cover out, the gauze wrapped with calcium chloride and electronic watch sealed into a plastic bag And in the box. Waiting for a long time after the watch can be removed, we can see the electronic water vapor disappears. If the watch is more serious water can be placed for a day's time. Reese reminder: The above is " Longines quartz watch water how to repair it," the content, I hope for your help, if you have other questions, you can consult our online customer service or call 400-880-7473 for free Telephone consultation.

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