Mahogany furniture will become another "hard pass" collection

Author: Wu Qiong

In recent years, mahogany furniture has been favored by many people in the industry. Although it has suffered from setbacks such as speculation and rosewood prices, it still shows a strong momentum. It has entered the development stage of the industry's reshuffle, and mahogany furniture is not only popular. Sales volume has risen sharply, and consumer groups have become younger. The increase in sales of mahogany furniture, in addition to the scarcity of red wood quality, is also closely related to the Chinese people's sense of identity and belonging to traditional culture.

The mahogany classical furniture has a long history and culture since ancient times and is a symbol of identity. For modern people, with the continuous improvement of consumption level, consumer culture has gone far beyond the simple material enjoyment, and more tend to pursue the traditional civilization. The collection of mahogany furniture has become a reflection of a considerable part of people's attitude towards life.

The classic connotation of mahogany furniture - cultural heritage

The 5,000-year history of civilization of the Chinese nation has created a splendid, profound and profound national culture. As an important carrier of Chinese culture, mahogany furniture is deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture. The mahogany furniture is roughly divided into two styles, Ming and Qing. The Qing style mostly reflects the traditional carving craftsmanship. The landscape, the characters and the storyline are the patterns, paying attention to the layering of the picture; while the Ming style furniture is rich in connotation and materials. The fine name is that the shape not only reflects the classical environment of China, but also integrates with the modern living environment. It is a symbol of the user's taste and spiritual realm. Compared with Qing style furniture, Ming style is more innovative, and the lines are simple and elegant, which is more suitable for the practicality of modern home.

In the large number of auspicious patterns carved in mahogany furniture, the influence of people's aesthetic thoughts has a far-reaching influence on the design concept of mahogany furniture. These exquisite auspicious patterns not only play a very good decorative role, but also add a little bit of blessing and auspicious meaning to the furniture, satisfying people's spiritual needs. With the development of the times, traditional culture has affected so far, people who like mahogany furniture are also tending to be younger, and have a new understanding of the inheritance of mahogany.

The value of mahogany furniture - the eye of the hero

When you choose to buy mahogany furniture, you can also use "Wang, Smell, Ask, Cut". The finest wood needs to be tasted. The connotation and inheritance will only be noticed by people who know how to do it. It can be described as a hero, Tianjin furniture circulation. Industry Association (funding) Secretary-General Wu Yang told reporters that consumers should understand the woodiness and other knowledge before purchasing mahogany furniture. Only "understand" can really enjoy and enjoy the fun. For example, wood that has been properly dried and treated will still have a slight shrinkage with changes in temperature and humidity. This is woody and natural, just like a person's temper, using his woody beauty, artisans are The design of the furniture structure gives release and cushioning space to subtly solve this problem. However, for the later maintenance of mahogany furniture, consumers need to be carefully cared for. For example, mahogany furniture is suitable for dampness, avoid drying, and should not be exposed to the sun. Avoid air conditioning blowing on furniture. In spring, autumn and winter, keep indoor air not dry. Use a humidifier to spray wet, indoor fish and flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity. Red Star Meikailong a brand of mahogany furniture sales staff said that for mahogany furniture, the later painting and waxing will play a very good maintenance role, mahogany furniture will change with the seasons, spring and autumn is more suitable for mahogany Post-repair work.

A powerful weapon for mahogany furniture - innovative development

In recent years, the mahogany furniture market has gradually standardized, and the skilled craftsmen in Zhejiang and Guangxi have been skilled in craftsmanship and high-tech use of mechanized production, effectively driving the long-term development of mahogany furniture. In the general environment of the furniture market, mahogany furniture is constantly updated to meet market demand. Due to the changes of the times, the mahogany furniture making process is gradually transforming into the improved style of modern people living, and the styles and patterns are more distinctive. Based on the essence of traditional furniture, we actively innovate in craftsmanship and style, and create a brand with unique and unique mahogany furniture. Of course, innovation is not to discard the essence of our classical furniture, but to integrate Product design reflects the characteristics of modern furniture, from the elements, culture to the classical culture, with modern aesthetics to meet the needs of modern consumers, innovation as a solid weapon of the development of mahogany home, to achieve development in the inheritance, innovation in development .

The future trend of mahogany furniture - rare collections

In response to the rising price of mahogany furniture in recent years and the rising popularity of collection of mahogany furniture, industry insiders pointed out that the future development of mahogany tends to be rare collections, and the value varies according to the characteristics of different materials.

First of all, like most collectibles, the scarcity of raw materials and some even endangered, the rareness of this material determines the uniqueness of furniture. At the same time, with the lack of raw materials, many Southeast Asian countries and South Africa and other raw material producers strictly control the export of logs, leading to the embarrassing situation of China's mahogany resource crisis and the lack of materials. According to Wu Yang, Secretary General of Tianjin Furniture Distribution Association, the lobular rosewood will grow 10 cm in 80-100 years, and the yield per ton is relatively low. It can be said that this is a resource that is difficult to regenerate, which makes mahogany. Furniture is especially precious; secondly, the workmanship is precise and accurate, and it is a craft work from the aspects of styling, engraving and decoration. The mahogany products made by good craftsmanship can be enjoyed and played, and can truly display honor and become a symbol of identity. At the same time, some red wood quality has certain medicinal value, such as drinking water from the seawood of Hainan huanghuali, which can lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and can also stop cough. In addition, Hainan huanghuali itself will emit a unique fragrance, which can improve the indoor air quality, and has the pharmacological effects of relaxing the blood, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

When the reporter visited the store, I also learned that many mahogany furniture in the market are still high in price due to the scarcity of materials. For example, the prices of materials such as Siamese rosewood and rosewood have increased by more than 10% this year, but the value of mahogany However, it cannot be measured by price alone. As an art, it should be priceless. The collection is based on "understanding", so it should not be blind as a consumer. Red Star Meikailong a brand of mahogany furniture sales staff said that many consumers now buy mahogany furniture are optimistic about the preservation of mahogany furniture, a large space for growth, but also shoulder the combination of practicality and cultural value, the conversion of collectibles and goods, Placed at home can be used as a carrier of traditional culture to show the family culture.

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