Modern Packaging Artistic and Aesthetic Innovation

Abstract: The modern commodity packaging design office is at the intersection of the new economy and culture. The design culture plays an increasingly significant role in economic development and social functions. Modern packaging is the bridge between producers and consumers to adapt to the new trend of people's transition from material surplus to mental deficiency. Packaging is a comprehensive subject, which is suitable for modern people's different levels of psychological and emotional needs, focusing on personalization and embodying different types of product designs, so that modern packaging has the artistic charm of independent appreciation. 

Keywords: modern packaging design decorative language aesthetic features form tension aesthetic value

China will soon become a member of the World Trade Organization. Joining the WTO will inevitably integrate China into the trend of global economic integration. Modern packaging design is at a meeting point between the new economy and culture, showing a very active and colorful outlook. Consumer demand for society With continuous improvement, there is an urgent need for packaging design to adapt to it. Therefore, the role and position of design culture in economic development and social functions has become increasingly evident. It has infiltrated into public life extensively and at all times. It has also promoted the public’s level of consumption and improvement, and has become one of the most influential in modern commercial design. Link. 

In today's era of mass production and mass sales, modern packaging is the best bridge between producers and consumers. The packaging of commodities reflects the development level of the society and adapts to the new trend of people shifting from a surplus of material to an insufficiency of spirit. A wide variety of products should have different packaging methods, combinations, and packaging materials. In the past, packaging was only used as a measure to protect the product from being damaged during transportation and storage. Nowadays, because of productivity and development, products compete fiercely in the sales market, and whether the shape of the packaging directly captures the customer's attention. Force is directly related to the sale of goods. When consumers are shopping, they often deduce the quality of their products through the appearance of packaging design. Therefore, packaging design was mentioned to a very important position. 

Packaging is a comprehensive discipline involving many factors such as mathematics, physics, aesthetics, marketing, sociology, psychology, etc. It can be said that packaging is an art, a science that prepares goods for transport and puts them into the market. With the increasing prosperity of the commodity economy, packaging has become a means to attract additional profits and become a weapon for market competition. Packaging has become a non-negligible and missing sales tool, and it has become a commodity in the fierce market competition. The essential. 

First, the composition of the packaging design factors and ideas 

Packaging design is a step-by-step construction concept: the process of implementation, the opening of new markets, the promotion of sales, and the reduction of costs cannot be separated from the packaging design of goods. Therefore, the understanding of commodities is the starting point of modern packaging design. The shape, color and decoration of product packaging are materialized forms that convey the designer's artistic mentality. This is primarily the communication of design ideas, that is, the artistic conception and selection and use of art forms based on creativity. The success of excellent packaging design in aesthetic conception and artistic style is due to the careful and mature design concept.

Any kind of "intention" is to make people clear and clear, and the graphical symbols on the packaging of goods are based on the product characteristics of the packaging surface pattern selection, text logo, color and other visual design performance. The graphic and graphic design expresses the sales attempt clearly on the packaging. Not only should the unique language such as form, color, and text be used to express the dimension of space, but also the formal rule of visual creation, that is, balance, symmetry and contrast. The rules of form, unity, harmony, etc., show rhythm and melody, convey specific forms such as product names, contents, and uses, and influence people's perceptual judgment of packaged goods. The visual semantics conveyed by the graphic is an intuitive expression. It is also a constituent element that evokes people's association and gives people a vivid revelation. 

Creativity is the basis of design, and it is also the dominating of the design process. Art creation is to transform the sentiment conveyed by the product image into visual aesthetics. Because only the utmost effort is devoted to the "combination of ideological content and artistic form" in order to make packaging design work an infectious "artwork." With the change of ideas, the increase and change of creative methods, the obsolete sense of obsolescence, the old and old designs, the format of rules, etc., deepened concepts, typical subjective images, strong sense of form, and abstract variability. The technique and the resulting new visual infection image replaced it. The exploration of new forms of packaging design art should be an important topic in modern packaging design art.
Second, packaging design and application of decorative techniques

Modern packaging design methods should be based on the different nature of goods, different types, and different levels of consumer groups to take appropriate forms of expression, although the function of commodity packaging design is to protect the goods, promote the product, transfer information, but the packaging design The content and style involved, the form and method, and the change of the shape structure all need to be combined with modern design techniques to recreate the art, and continue to urge packaging designers to really touch the new decorative language and demand hot spots. 

As packaging designers must have good basic skills in modeling, lack of basic modeling capabilities can not express their imagination and ideas. However, packaging design is not a work of art and painting, but a complete introduction to the product. The use of any packaging decoration needs to be clever and appropriate. Excessive and redundant decoration will affect the effect of consumption, increase the cost of packaging, and increase the selling price. These cannot be designed. The purpose of the center. The decoration must proceed from the specific needs of the packaging design of the goods, complete the contents of the expression of the goods, improve the specific meaning of the design, and make the drawing means subject to the needs of the design. For example: The "Star of the World" series of red wine dream packaging design. The box surface adopts a white-painting technique, and the moving gold image of the twelve gold cymbals is outlined by the vigorous gold lines of change, and then the light yellow and pale gold are used to express the richness of the image and make the image more vivid. The expressions and costumes are different, and they are fluttering with pleasure. The head part of the Jinhe Jiuhe Center adopts meticulous artistic processing. It has consciously adopted the characteristics of the "red building" pavilion pavilion, the graphic red silk silk satin direct electronic color plate making printing as the backing, the upper hot famous calligraphy artist Huang Miao Zi’s hand-written “Golden Dream” of Red Mansions features six gold characters, and the lower part is a “Miao Zi” stamp with a golden stone flavor and a symbol of good luck and symbolizes ancient women's clothing patterns. Craftsmanship. This package design conveys product information and purpose in a packaging carrier through a visual imaginary process. 
In any art, a certain amount of decorativeness is necessary. Moreover, the packaging design itself also contains a decorative technique for serving goods. It must emphasize the certain ornamentation while demanding formal beauty. Many excellent packaging designs come from decorative languages, and commodity packaging designs in various forms and different expression methods have distinctive characteristics. Although they sometimes reflect certain contents, they sometimes only play a decorative role. They are both modest and confident in the expression of commodities and are an important means of embodying corporate production and sales strategies, product strategies, and promotional strategies. 

Third, packaging design appreciation and aesthetic value

The packaging design is characterized by a wide range of design techniques, forms of production, composition and colors, and items that need to be included in design styling. Sets of boxes, seals, ties, bundles, etc. are all related to each other. Must pay attention to aesthetic design principles. 

Any successful art is full of beautiful value, and the art of the United States must serve the real life, because the production of each artwork includes the drawing of art, the imagination and expression of beauty, which is the need for objective expression and the composition of artistic content. The artistic feature of packaging design is to show the inner essence, and the beauty must conform to the principle of practical, economical and accurate, and rapid delivery of commodity information. Modern packaging is more concerned with emotions, focuses on the family, and creates a production atmosphere. This has become an important aspect of the aesthetic characteristics of modern packaging design. Such as the "Dream of Red Mansions" series of packaging, decorative patterns arranged in an orderly manner, changes in color levels, not only shows the long history of wine culture in our country, but also filled with joy and passion. The golden calligraphy is accompanied by texture shading, combined with a small seal, and it looks quaint and full of rich Chinese traditional style, full of ethnic and family atmosphere. Overall, this series of packaging focuses on the unity of practicality and aesthetics. More attention is paid to the content of aesthetic value in design, that is, to seek change in the unification, and in the change there is a complete sense of integrity, showing elegance and dignity. The dyeing power and the beautiful and deep historical and cultural sense. This change is not only a manifestation of human wealth, but also an expression of the need to improve human spirit. The national style embodied in packaging and the beauty of the times have a certain collection value and appreciation. 

Fourth, the comprehensive art and independence of packaging design

Packaging involves a wide range of knowledge. For designers, consumption in modern society is a very challenging situation. Modern concepts cannot be made with old ideas. Therefore, in addition to talent qualifications, the key to creation is the dexterity of the designers. They must be personally aware of the commodities, stores, markets, and other circulation and scientific investigations. They are constantly exposed to the changing business landscape and thoroughly understand the design of the products. Requirements, design orientation, and then rely on a high degree of creative impulses to gain design inspiration. A full-scale packaging designer is a designer who focuses on packaging decoration and packaging structure. It is a traditional professional designer, including material selection, three-dimensional modeling, photoengraving, dot enlargement, shading collage. , computer painting, color printing, printing technology, etc., and all this is governed by the high scientific and technological knowledge and literary training that the designers have in both social and scientific functions, so that we can manage and solve the good products with ease. Packaging's comprehensive expression capabilities.

It should be particularly emphasized that the painting language does not equal the design language and that the means of production cannot replace the arts but they are inseparable and mutually reinforcing. As packaging designers must grasp a variety of performance functions and techniques to adapt to a variety of different types of commodity packaging design, how to achieve the desired effect of packaging design, in addition to which to consider the possibility of printing conditions, that printing machine performance, Factors such as the characteristics of paper, ink, and worker's skill level also have a very important problem. They must make the company understand the design intent so that it can give full play to the technical energy and pursue and achieve the desired effect of the design. This problem is sometimes even worse than the packaging design. The designer's own design process is more important. Essentially experienced electronic color separation, plate making, and printing workers are also involved in the packaging design art. They have quietly made many improvements, improvements, and improvements to the packaging design art to ensure the quality of packaging design. Only through the process of production can reflect the final design of the program, in order to show the overall and perfect style of the packaging design art. 

To sum up, the diversity and fast-paced modern life make people's psychology of seeking new changes more prominent. People's psychological activities are inseparable from the current economic foundation, production practices, thoughts and feelings, and artistic activities. In terms of packaging design, we advocate bold innovations that must adapt to the needs of modern people at different levels of spiritual and emotional factors, and dare to take risks and seek new breakthroughs.

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