My son bought a toy and didn't have enough

The Q5-year-old son bought a toy and didn't have enough. Buy it today and buy it tomorrow. I am very worried about his inexhaustible asking habits. How can I deal with my child's desire to buy?

A We often say that children are learning while playing, playing is the work of children, and toys become tools for children. In this sense, as long as the toy can be fully played by the child, then there is not much.

A 5-year-old child should be able to organize one or more sets of toys to play some big games. If a child who loves a car does not have only one toy car , but many cars, he may create a game of the team. The battle is not comparable to a single car.

But can a toy be bought by a child? As long as the parents have the following 4 levels, other parents and children can negotiate.

First, don't buy toys that don't play. Some toys are colorful and have a strong sense of sensuality, but they don't necessarily have much fun. Buying such toys back to pile at home will interfere with the child's creative game. Let's talk to your child first. How can this toy be played? If there is something to play with, the child is willing to play and can be included in the purchase plan.

Second, toys of poor quality cannot be bought. Parents must strictly control the quality. Whether your child is crying or not, you should carefully tell your child about the quality of the toy. As long as you are serious, a 5-year-old child should be able to understand the love in your words.

Third, toys that exceed the agreed number cannot be bought. Every time you go out, you must have a clear agreement with your child. For example: "You can only buy the same toy today." If you have already bought it, no matter how good the second toy is, you have to hold back. You can keep a contract to cultivate a child who is observant.

Fourth, toys that exceed the limits of the payment plan cannot be bought. Some toys are of good quality and are suitable for children to play, but they are not in the shopping plan. They should negotiate with the children and let the children learn to wait.

The child's tears may make you feel that he is neither willing to give up nor willing to wait, but you must remember that waiting will let the child learn more. Regardless of your actual ability to pay, please give your child such an opportunity.

Column host: Xu Fan, deputy editor of "Family must read" magazine, child psychology expert. He has deep knowledge and unique insights on children's development, parental growth, and family relationship coordination. Over the years, he has provided a large number of professional and effective counseling suggestions for children's educational psychological problems, which is deeply trusted by parents and children.

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