Name radar - the leader of high-tech ceramics

Today's ceramic watches are considered popular in the market, especially in the summer, the unique ceramic cool brings a sense of comfort than the metal watch. Speaking of ceramics, nature should mention radar. In 1986, the radar table will be high-tech ceramic materials into the watchmaking industry, from this material on the "radar" word mark. The first white high-tech ceramics, titanium carbide and then high-tech ceramics, followed by the introduction of high-tech ceramic ions, the development of high-tech ceramic materials has become one of the highlights of the radar table, Yisa series of high-tech ceramic Touch watch is a radar ceramic Watch a classic watch development. Or first introduce the magic of high-tech ceramics now! For Chinese people, ceramic is no stranger to this, but adding a few high-tech words seems to have gone up one level. In fact, its principle sounds not difficult. The zirconia-based mineral powder (powder particles less than 1 micron in diameter) is sintered at a high temperature of about 1500 ° C. Has a stable physical and chemical properties, waterproof anti-fade anti-corrosion, the surface is warm and flawless, able to distribute soft natural luster. Say something good for it again. High-tech ceramics, of course, differ from ordinary ceramics in that they have several significant advantages as wristwatches; they are lightweight; they are strong and durable; they do not cause skin irritation; they have low raw material costs; Traditional materials, such as stainless steel, I believe no matter what the process can not be pure white black and white two colors! Of course, there is no perfect thing, this stuff "lipophilic", stained with oil is difficult to handle, unhappy Just apply a little detergent to brush it, after all, it is not Sheng dishes! Also, a single color, I believe you have not seen colorful ceramic table. Speaking of polishing, you want to play watchmaker's talent is difficult to estimate. Take the classic watch to do the next analysis, according to Sha series of high-tech ceramic Touch watch. This collection is designed for women with black and white colors. Dial is oval, inlaid with four square diamonds. The entire dial design is simple, there is no grandiose grandfather did not fancy colors, giving a silent sense of warmth and quiet. This watch without a crown, set the time need to touch the finger on the edge of the case or swipe. Clock on the left, minute hand on the right. Minimalist design with an unconventional shape, so watch the fashion sense of enhanced. Material reasons for their own, wear the watch while wearing more lightweight. In addition to the radar, other brands also introduced a more classic ceramic series watches. Such as Chanel J12, IW379901 IWC watches and so on. In any case, the radar is a model ceramic table. Look forward to high-tech ceramics in the hands of watchmakers can bring consumers more surprises.

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