"Nano green packaging"

The so-called "nano green packaging" is the application of nanotechnology, using nano-composite (packaging) materials, so that packaging has a super-functional or singular characteristics of a kind of packaging summary.

Since the nano-sized grains are finer than those of the conventional materials, the number of atoms on the grain boundary is larger than the number of atoms inside the grains, forming a high-concentration grain boundary, thereby imparting properties of many different conventional materials for nanomaterials, such as high strength. , High hardness, high resistivity, low thermal conductivity, low elastic modulus, low density, etc. These excellent properties determine its wide application prospects in the future.

Green packaging aims to change people's traditional ideas, make full use of the comprehensive characteristics of packaging materials, and pay attention to ecological balance. Nano packaging is the use of nanotechnology to change the traditional packaging materials and packaging technology, more efficient use of atoms and molecules, focusing on saving resources.

Regarding the development trend of nano-package printing, experts in the nano field said: “Nano-plastics will be one of the most promising nano-technologies for industrialization in China. In the field of packaging and printing: nano inks, nano-pigments, nano-papers, nano-films, nano Composite materials, nano-resistant packaging, nano-anti-counterfeit printing, nano-green packaging, nano-lithographic printing technology, etc. have achieved breakthroughs. "At present, China's nano packaging and printing materials are closer to the actual application, to find a combination of nano-technology and the actual technology system. Let it be promoted as soon as possible.

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One full set of bedrooroom usually consists of beds (king beds/queen beds/single beds), Night Stands , dressers, mirrors, wardrobes (Sliding Wardrobes/Hinged-door Wardrobes), Drawer Chest.


Among the bedroom products, the bed headboard design is the core. Thus in order to offer our clients more choices, our R&D team try all means to have more designs, materials and colors to the headboard. As we know, bedroom size is different from each other, we offer different sizes of dressers, mirrors and wardrobes to well fit the rooms.


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Bedroom Furniture

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