National Day | Holiday travel you are still a practical school bag

Brewing a full year's National Day holiday, and finally to it! Tickets are booked in advance, the travel route is also planned, but the bags really ready yet? Speaking holiday 7 days, 3 minutes to play, 5 minutes of the sun, not a large package can be installed to liberate his hands, how happy the sun map. Although the bag is stylish and lightweight, but it has a flawed is "can not be installed", such as the National Day holiday travel, portable wallet, cosmetic bag, cell phones and other items, only to hold the bag is intimate partner today Amway several practical package, come and see if it is your grass Free hands shoulder bag Recommended reason: backpack is the best choice for travel, shoulders to share the gravity, the journey will be more light and stress-free. This classic backpack, drawstring drawstring full of youthful style filled with backpacks, so that the body can enjoy the joy of holiday freedom. Vibrant playful LOOK Fluffy pleated skirts dancing in the autumn wind, with a playful shoulder bag, for the holiday dress into the energetic vitality breath. Stylish impression hand carry / shoulder bag Recommended reason: With the season's most fashionable tassels and wide shoulder straps to travel, it is more range children. Interesting and attractive drawstring design, can make the body changes a different shape, coupled with popular wide shoulder straps this season, not only more comfortable but also highlight the stylish personality, the package mouth with dark magnetic buckle instead of the zipper, so that the travel access to personal belongings Become more convenient. Elegant charm LOOK Wearing the most elegant little black dress to autumn tour, decorated with white scarves, Phi can prevent morning and evening breeze on the shoulder, with Smart tassel handbags, so that the shape is more charming charm. Variety with hand carry / diagonal package Recommended reason: Shoulin, can shoulder, but also the streets of cool girl-like diagonal cross, back method free to switch, with the style can change every day Both sides of the bag and hand carry with metal pin buckle design, combined with loose body contour, full of personality, filling the street casual style. Bags are equipped with long straps, a variety of dorsal methods to make the holiday dress fun and not boring. Easy casual LOOK Burgundy soft dress, coupled with roll-eyed hat, unique Bohemian style, with this woven bag, so that the atmosphere of the holiday more rich. More new product details, please go cabinet consultation!

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