Need to do work before printing the photoshop

1, determine the picture accuracy is 300dpi

2, determine the picture mode is CMYK mode

3, determine the solid bottom (such as pure yellow, pure black, etc.) no other noise

4, the file is best unconsolidated layer PSD file format

5, the text description in the picture is best not done in Photoshop, because once converted to the picture format, the word will grow hair.

Photoshop jobs generally only contain image categories. If it is to make a printed page, it is best to use images, graphics, and text to use different software.

For the delivery of printed images, the most important thing is to pay attention to image resolution and image size;

The general formula is: Resolution = number of screens * (1.5-2). This is followed by the problem of the color mode; the color mode of the color image is to use the CMYK form.

Black and white images, if not special requirements, are generally grayscale. For bar code images such as bar codes, which must be represented as a bitmap image, the resolution is generally not lower than 1200 dpi, and the color mode is binary (Bitmap). In addition, the dot collocation is also an important issue affecting image quality.

For CMYK dot matching of contrast, dot size, and gray balance data, it must be matched with the post-sequence printing process.

For example, if offset paper is used for printing, the common dot contrast is between 5% and 85%; if it is coated paper, the dot contrast is between 2% and 98%.

Reprinted from: Graphic Arts

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