New ultrasonic instrument applied to the International Space Station for real-time monitoring of astronaut spine changes

The instrument software start screen

According to foreign media reports, scientists have invented a new type of ultrasonic instrument that can be used on the International Space Station, which can be used to check the spine of astronauts in real time.

If you live in space for a few months, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your height has increased. As we all know, astronauts living on the International Space Station can grow 3% in height under microgravity, but when they return to Earth, their height will return to their original level. Scientists can use a latest medical imaging technology to find specific changes in the spine, and use this to advance the development of space medical imaging technology.

Dr. Scott A. Dulchavsky of NASA said that this is the first time that spinal ultrasound is used to observe changes in the astronaut's spine in real time. Using this new ultrasound equipment on the space station can more accurately capture and evaluate the images required for complex anatomy. Using this new ultrasound instrument, combined with astronaut training and remote guidance procedures, can help astronauts understand these changes through ultrasound images of the spine.

Using the spinal ultrasound real-time training tool, the astronauts can be trained by scanning the neck and lumbar spine in real time. Beginners can also choose the training intensity through the button, which can make the user feel intuitively and correctly position the ultrasound image sensor.

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