Open sesame carton process introduction

Shaped corrugated cartons are the most varied types of packaging in today's corrugated box packaging; goods in supermarkets are placed directly on shelves, with good product display capabilities, and how to quickly and easily open carton packs so that goods can be quickly picked up , And do not need any tools such as scissors or knives, etc., then shouted "the sesame opens the door" carton opens. This sounds very fresh, but this carton has been widely used in supermarkets abroad, and there is also a great demand in the country.

Normal > (1st-level heading) Structure of sesame opening carton

Normal > Sesame Open Carton is a new design concept corrugated carton packaging that is easy to open corrugated carton. There is no obvious difference between the exterior structure of the carton and the ordinary corrugated carton. The key process is to glue a tear tape station inside the corrugated carton, and leave a small opening outside the carton. When the carton is opened, tear off from the small mouth. Cracked tape can be used to open the carton without any tools to display packaged items.

Normal > Processing Technology

Normal > The necessity of tearing

Normal > Easy to open Corrugated carton production process Compared with ordinary carton production process, add a high-performance, self-adhesive tear tape on the inner surface of the corrugated carton, and a corresponding tear-off mouth for the tear tape. The utility model is convenient for the user to open the carton without using external force, and the tearing mouth is beautiful and does not affect the display effect of the goods.

Normal tear tape

Normal > The tear tape for easy-open cartons consists of a modified tension polypropylene backing combined with a natural rubber adhesive. Natural rubber adhesives provide excellent initial tack, very good tear resistance, and strong adhesion to different materials. The tear tape used in the production of corrugated boxes is generally a reel winding structure . According to the width of the tear tape, the general width ranges from 3mm to 20mm, and the length of a roll of tape is approximately 40000 meters. The long reel packaging method can reduce the number of replacements of new reels, which can increase production efficiency.

Normal >

Normal >

Normal > The color of the tear tape is mainly red and white. The basic technical parameters are as follows:

Normal >

Normal align=left>

Normal align=left>

Normal align=left> Serial number

Normal align=left>

Normal align=left> Item

Normal align=left>

Normal align=left> Specifications

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