Operation process of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber can be divided into "desktop" and "vertical". The main difference is that the temperature and humidity are different. The vertical type can do low temperature and dry tests below room temperature. Can carry out temperature and humidity test above normal temperature.

Whether it is desktop or vertical, the operation flow of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is the same. The following is the specific operation flow and the matters needing attention when testing:

1. Preparation:

1. Add pure water, the water level is greater than the water level pump, and smaller than the position of the water pipe and the pump circuit outlet;

2. Insert the electric plug of the pump;

3. Connect the water pump tube;

4. Close the water outlet of the outer box;

5. The water receiving box is placed in the place where the water hole is connected to the box;

6. Check if the gauze of the wet gauge sensor in the box is not in the wet gauge sink. If the gauze becomes yellow, hardened and brittle, it should be replaced;

7. Check the water tank for leaks;

8. Check whether the circuit is closed and whether the circuit is grounded.

2. Operation:

1. Plug in the electric plug;

2. Turn on the power switch;

3. Check whether the fan rotation and wind speed in the box are normal;

4. Temperature setting value;

5. Refer to the "Dry-wet bulb temperature difference" table and find the corresponding humidity table to set the value;

6. Set the upper limit temperature (generally 5 ~ 7C higher than the set temperature value);

7. The test sample is placed on the shelf in the box;

8. Close the door;

9. Automatic heating and humidification test.

3. End:

1. Turn off the electrical switch;

2. Unplug the electric plug;

3. After the temperature and humidity in the box are reduced, open the door and take out the test sample.


1. During the test, the water tank cover of the constant temperature and humidity test box should be closed to maintain the water quality;

2. The water used for testing must be pure water;

3. Waterway and water tank must not leak;

4. The circuit should be grounded;

5. The water level in the water tank is higher than the water pump;

6. You can't make mistakes when looking up the humidity in accordance with the "Dry and Wet Bulb Temperature Difference" table;

7. The gauze must be in a wet state at all times in the water tank;

8. The fan rotation must be normal and the speed is uniform;

9. If the alarm is to turn off the electric switch, check the reason;

10. The sample in the test does not allow any behavior of the open door;

11. After the test, the high-temperature steam should be careful to avoid being burned when opening the door.

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