Peking University "Femtosecond Optical Physics and Meteorology" Obtained New Progress in All-optical Switching

China Education Equipment Procurement Network News: According to the State Key Laboratory of Artificial Microstructure and Mesoscopic Physics, Peking University, recently, Peking University's "femtosecond optical physics and mesotourism" innovative research group has made new progress in the field of mesotourism.

It is reported that on the basis of the realization of micro-nano integrated all-optical switches in the visible-near infrared band, Professor Gong Qihuang, associate professor Hu Xiaoyong and their students in the laboratory further realized low-power, ultra-fast photonic crystal all-optical switches in the optical communication band Prototype device. The research paper was published in the international authoritative journal Advanced Materials (Xiaoyong Hu, Yingbo Zhang, Yulan Fu, Hong Yang, Qihuang Gong *, "Low-Power and Ultrafast All-Optical Tunable Nanoscale Photonic Metamaterials", Advanced Materials, Vol. 23, No .37, 4295-4300 (2011)).

The photonic crystal all-optical switch is a very important meso-optical device, and has important application prospects in the fields of optical computing, optical interconnection, and ultra-high-speed information processing. Achieving low threshold optical power, ultra-fast time response and high switching efficiency are the keys to its practicality. Due to the relatively small nonlinear optical coefficients of the materials in the optical communication band, the threshold optical power of the photonic crystal all-optical switch is as high as GW / cm2, which seriously restricts the practical application of the photonic crystal all-optical switch.

By combining Bragg resonance-enhanced nonlinear optical effects and strong quantum local effects, the thesis prepared composite materials with large third-order nonlinear optical coefficients and ultra-fast time response in the optical communication band, breaking through the research of mesoscopic sub-devices Material limitations; using this composite material to achieve a low-power, ultra-fast photonic crystal all-optical switching device prototype: the threshold optical power is reduced by 3 orders of magnitude, and the threshold light intensity is reduced from the order of GW / cm2 to 9 MW / cm2, close to practical requirements; while maintaining an ultra-fast time response of 24.2 ps and high switching efficiency of 80%

On this basis, they also prepared a multi-component nanocomposite, using the defect mode coupling to achieve a picosecond time response low power photonic crystal all-optical switching device prototype, related work was published in the important journal Applied Physics Letters Physics Letters Vol. 99, No. 14, 141105 (2011); Applied Physics Letters Vol. 99, No. 14, 141113 (2011)).

According to the relevant website of Peking University, the research work was supported by the National 973 Project and the National Natural Science Foundation of China's "Innovative Research Group" project.

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