Postscript Design Principles for Book Binding

The design of book binding mainly includes the design of the book mounting method, the design of the cover design and the materials used, and the selection of book block materials. Book design itself is not isolated. It is inextricably linked with prepress, printing, and especially post-press binding. So when designing, you should pay attention to two points:

First of all, a book's overall sense of concept, design and processing should be unified.

Second, the process design must meet the feasibility of process processing.

Book binding design is generally based on the following points to consider the design:

1. The unity of value and binding; designed according to the grade and value of the book.

This includes use value, reading value and preservation value. There was no electro-aluminum in the past. Usually, a gold or red silver foil was used. For example, the luxury hardcover of a Chinese book would use 24k of Chi-kin. It is because of the book's value of use, reading, and preservation. Oxidation, books and magazines for many years can still be glittering.

2. The unity of content and binding; According to the contents of the book, performance content characteristics and use of objects

The cover design is the first impression of the book. Nowadays people have more stringent appearance requirements. The first is to look at the style of processing, and then the quality of the processing, in addition to the material. Good content should have a good framing design, that is, content and binding must be unified.

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